Monday, March 19, 2012

MLP Divisional Reporters

A brief word. I've heard from some of you that your reports are in the works. To all of you let me suggest a couple of things. Post event reports begin losing their appeal relatively quickly so the sooner you can get something to VFTD the better. Also, if you are concerned about the quality of your submission--don't sweat it. Facts, details and observations are what's needed, not lasting prose. At this point feel free to spend some more time on your reports as I'm off to France in a day or so but for future reference, sooner is better. I'm looking forward to the reports and to posting them asap. Arizona is already on the horizon ...

PS--just in case the photog flap has you in a tizzy and you're wondering if VFTD plans to co-opt your submissions and leave you bereft--yes, I do. No, not really. VFTD requires only one time publication rights and editorial oversight. All submitted materials remain the copyright property of the authors in the form originally submitted.
Who knew paintball could be so complicated?

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