Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday Poll in Review: Y'all Suck

By any metric last week's Monday (Mega) Poll was a flop and I blame you. Unless you're in the minority and actually voted. And even then not everyone who voted could be bothered to vote for all the mega poll pairs. Do you know how I know you suck? 'Cus the Mega Poll was--and still is--an awesome idea. Five, count 'em, five poll questions in one mega poll! Awesome!
The first pair of questions asked if a predominantly American team would win St. Tropez in the MS event opener for 2012. (Lots more on this to come.) 77% of those that responded voted yes. 23% voted no.
The second pair of questions wanted to know if there would be more or less than 12 pro teams competing at HB. This one was much closer. 57% thought there would be fewer than 12 teams while 43% expected at least 12 teams. (Given that 11 teams were registered it was probably a fair bet to guess that at least one more team would show up on the list.)
The third pair asked if there would be more or less than 100 teams participating at HB. 63% thought there would be less than 100 teams competing while 37% expected more than 100. This compares to last year's 133. (Word from a probably reliable source suggests HB will have 104 teams though I haven't made a count yet.)
The fourth pair of statements were about how the new Race 2 format would play out in the NPPL Pro division. Would matches go to time or would some match-ups see a team score 5 points. In the tightest race of the mega poll 53% thought all matches would go to time and 47% figured at least a match or two would see 5 points scored.
The final pair ask if PSP Phoenix will reach 125 participating teams after the mudfest that was Galveston. 70% think the answer will be yes with 30% not so sure. There are currently 113 teams registered (but not paid) with only a couple of weeks still available to register and pay.

Y'all got number 1 wrong--though not your fault really. Number 2 is probably the one y'all should've got correct--although I don't see an HK team on the list do you? Number 3 is over 100 but has yet to be confirmed. (The best way to get that is from the post event rankings.) And with number 4 we still have to wait and see how the matches turn out. I'm going with the time crowd as I have a hard time seeing 5 points scored--but hey, we'll see. And number 5 is looking iffy for the 70% who didn't hesitate to go with 125 teams or more for Phoenix. The venue is great but the time between events didn't leave a lot of room to pull the scratch together. PSP regulars will want to be there so 125 is still in reach but it's gonna be close.

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