Monday, March 19, 2012

The Monday (Mega) Poll

This week another The Monday Poll first. The mega poll. Instead of answers this week's mega poll will offer pairs of statements and for each pair you pick (vote) the one you most closely agree with. that means you get to vote multiple times but please, while I know mouse clicking can become addictive, stick to one pick (click) per pair of statements.
For example, A team primarily rostered with American players will win the CPL division of the MS event in St. Tropez. A team primarily rostered with European players will win the CPL division of the MS event in St. Tropez. Your vote is cast for the statement you think most accurately reflects what will happen. Got it? Good. Pretty simple, right? So what are you waiting for? Get to clicking, picking and voting. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Monday Poll in Review
Okay, last week's question was (more or less) 'What state should host the first PSP event in 2013?' Historically Cali hasn't always been all that welcoming and Galveston has gone back-to-back in trying to kill an event. (The first year high winds flattened the fields 2 days before the event.) Arizona has proved a positive pleasant environment but in its traditional location a bit pricey.
The list of choices included all the southern boundary or coastal states except New Mexico. I left it out as Albuquerque is high desert and not really a suitable early season venue. Years of Mardi Gras experience ought to be a clue as to what the league could expect from Louisiana and I only tossed in Mississippi and Alabama to extend the choices and because Biloxi is a popular entertainment & gaming destination and Mobile is an historic city near the tip of Florida's panhandle. Georgia probably couldn't host a first event but might manage a second. SoCar is the home of the long time standard MAO venue--but again, not so much a first event of the season kinda place in a five event schedule. I tossed in Hawaii, Mexico and Cuba out of curiosity more than anything. Nobody is going to either Hawaii or Mexico for a MLP event any time soon and despite the romantic and exotic appeal nobody is going to Cuba either. And the votes, by and large, confirmed all those things. Mexico and Mississippi each got 1% of the vote. Alabama and Louisiana garnered 2% each. Hawaii & Georgia pulled 3% each and Cuba got a whopping 5%--probably because it just sounds cool. SoCar got 11%. Arizona & Texas tied at 14% and Florida grabbed 17%. (Two events? Works for me but I'm biased.) Cali came in on top with 23% of the vote. But with Cali we're realistically talking SoCal and coastal SoCal at that and some of the highest prices in the country.
If I were a betting man I'd guess another Texas venue in either the first or second slot--but not Galveston--and cross my fingers. 


Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

The sad thing is that the weather the weekend before AND the weekend after Galveston was beautiful. Perfect paintball days. Go figure....

Nick Brockdorff said...

God hates paintball - nothing new here ;)

spifbob said...

Bring it back to the Carolinas - Rob would suck a mean one for that to happen I'm sure...

MikeMfromPrime said...

Would LOVE it, if they had a PSP in Alabama. "PSP Birmingham" is like a choir singing in my ears.

But I'd be excited as a fat kid in a cake factory if I saw this schedule next season.

Cali (Or PHX) [Most expensive event should be first]
Texas or MAO (PBC Rock Hill)
Chicago (CPX Sports)
Toronto (aka Kitchener, Ontario) (or DC, Pev's PB).
Polk City, FL

They're all centers of paintball. In fair weather regions. Assuming you move the CHI event to a less tormenting time, but the avg. monthly rainfall is the same for May-August. I don't know why there's so much outrage for TX, but not Chicago. Plus going back to New Jersey which was a sloshfest on Sunday. The NASCAR comparison has repeat visits to California, Virginia-area, and Michigan (very close to Toronto). Have you seen how nice their fields are eh? The paintball manufacturers would be super excited about their transport costs going to virtually zero in Canada as well. Flights and logistics would be more expensive and more difficult though. Ironic that one of Baca's worst pb experiences was Pomona. Looked it up, NASCAR goes there like 3 times a year. I'm convinced there could be a PB tournament in the Sahara and it could get rain.

PSP has clearly chosen the following criteria for cost-saving: 1) on a PB field (saves on insurance etc.) 2) In an area w/ high PB population density (SoCal, Chicago, N. Florida, New England, TX). i.e. driving distance for those teams 3) Near a large-enough airport 4) Near a decent city They should be at places that will appreciate PB business. I mean, look at WC last season. Well oiled machine in a place, however podunk, that appreciates the business. They gotta pay for that prison somehow. PSP should go back to Rock HIll too. Place is built to host PSP events.

Did a ton of weather research as well. If anyone is curious these were some sources:

Anonymous said...

Now that the stats are released on can we get a report on how you plan/if you will use them. What they can do better ect.