Thursday, March 1, 2012


Lite on posts in March, that is. I want to take this opportunity to warn the regulars awaiting their VFTD fix that you may suffer the occasional withdrawal pang in March. Looking at the calendar it seems I will be home 12 days in March. The rest of the month it's twice to Cali (starting tomorrow for a practice with the Ironmen at Capitol Edge) (& HB at the end of the month), once to Texas and over to France. That's not gonna leave much time for blogging though I should be able to handle the Galveston Divisional stuff--with help from the volunteer correspondents (could use a few more)--and some event comments. We'll see how it goes.
Also wanted to let y'all know that I will be providing Social Paintball with a monthly update on what's happening with Tampa Bay Damage. Since I seldom comment here about the team as a matter of unofficial blog policy I've agreed, with official blessing, to cover the team for Social. I'm going to try and manage a monthly update and include some pics (and/or videos) for Social to use as they see fit. I hope to have a Pre-Season Update to Social in the next few days before Galveston.
Finally a little light housekeeping. VFTD would like to welcome the newest members of the DPA (Deadbox Puppet Army) to the ranks. Greetings and welcome to Nisbah Rupa, Matthew Schultz & Stacy. Thanks!  Your roles in the coming World Domination will be sent covertly using the latest carrier pigeon technology. New identities will be provided along with access to our super-secret YouTube channel of inspirational songs and Do-It-Yourself world conquest video series.

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