Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Poll in Review

No new Monday Poll for you! (No, it's not a punishment for failing to vote last week. Although, for a community that seems to have one harebrained opinion after another that folks happily share online daily nobody seemed too interested in the NPPL HB poll. I'll leave you to decide why.) With Galveston this coming weekend everyone's attention is gonna be--rightly--focused elsewhere and besides, I got nothing--and can't be bothered to look up an old poll question to recycle. Next week.
Last week's poll question was: Will attendance at the 2012 HB event equal or exceed last year's total of 133 teams? (Or something very much like that.) I posed the question in light of the failed merger and myriad  changes the league undertook in the off season and on the basis that attendance will give some indication of how the league is currently perceived. If not in the poll--which I routinely point out is never scientific or objective or even statistically relevant--at least in the raw number of competing teams. Like it or not actual participation is a form of referendum. The day the poll was posted HB registration was at 92 teams. This afternoon it is at 98. 73% of those responding to the poll question voted no--meaning participation wouldn't equal or exceed last year's team totals--while 27% voted that HB would have at least 133 teams and perhaps more. Registration remains open so we won't know for sure for two or three weeks but at this point it looks like it will be a struggle to meet or exceed last year's total. Pro registration remains at 11 with rumors of this team or that still to enter. Pump has shriveled with the new higher price and an alternative offering from the PSP. And in the divisional groups it looks like Race 2 options will only exist in divisions 3 & 4.
If you have any ideas for The Monday Poll's future poll questions post 'em up in comments or on VFTD Facebook and I'll steal the good ones and make fun of the bad ones. What could be fairer than that?

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