Monday, March 12, 2012

The Monday Poll / Galveston Recap

If this post is sub-standard blame Texas. Apparently it didn't want us to leave as our flight Sunday night was delayed a number of times until we didn't get off the ground until around midnight--which meant I didn't get home until close to 4 am. Not a complaint, it just means I might not be my usual clear-headed incisive self, so cut me some slack, slackers.
This week's The Monday Poll asks, "What state should host the PSP's season opener next year?" It may be a wee bit premature but it's timely. It's also not a no-brainer. For years the PSP tried to source an early season event in Cali (mostly LA) only to be the recipient of bad weather more often than not. And it should be obvious the PSP likes the idea of a Texas event regarding it as something like a centralized location--but we've also had some rough experiences with Texas venues. [Btw, not all the choices in the poll are states within the United States.] While we were waiting for our flight last night a friend suggested the PSP take a look at the way Nascar schedules their early season. They are competing in outdoor venues and have to be cognizant of the elements just like the PSP does. It may seem a little redneck but it has a logic about it as well. Another consideration, especially when you're attempting five events and want two of them in the summer it's hard to begin much later than sometime in March--which limits your likely fair weather options. And then there's the concern about mixing the venues up enough so that teams from some parts of the country aren't 'penalized' by the required travel involved. All in all there are no simple answers--except those you supply when you vote for The Monday Poll! No complications. No repercussions. Vote with a clear conscience and vote today. Do it right now!

Galveston Recap
It's unfortunate for fans, players and the league the first event posed such hardships all the way around. In the future some will recall the adventure, the hurdles overcome. (It's easier to be nostalgic when you're warm & dry and actual events are a receding memory.) Others will find excuses for what went wrong and either blame the PSP or forces beyond control--except of course for those who did fight through it and overcome. And that includes the PSP's efforts to complete an event in the midst of terrible conditions and a decimated venue. Ultimately however the league chose to return to Galveston after high winds created havoc last year with disaster barely averted--and then there's the small matter of the event not quite actually being completed. The Pro event remains incomplete.
During the event there was talk of beginning a day early in Phoenix and finishing Galveston for the Pros. That would certainly be my preferred solution--and it was imperative the divisions were completed in Galveston--but this solution poses a new set of logistical concerns. All the remaining pro teams still in the hunt will have to come in early. If the PSP is going to webcast the matches they will have to be played on the Pro field that will used for both Galveston's completion and the Phoenix event. It will also be a lot of games to get done on one field in one day. There are 6 prelim matches to be played followed by 2 quarterfinal match-ups, 2 semis and the finals. Half the bracket is done. The morning session bracket is decided. Afternoon session teams could play as many as 5 matches the day before Phoenix starts. Then there's the roster issue. Completing Galveston has to be done with the Galveston rosters, doesn't it? Look, none of it is insurmountable but at the same time it won't be as easy as saying 'make it so' either.
From the little I heard and saw the webcast appeared to deliver better than ever lines of sight across and up & down the field. I didn't see or hear enough to know how well the new stats introduction worked or whether or not commentary remained Matty & His Friends or not. (Don't get me wrong. Far as I'm concerned Matt Marshall is the Voice of Competitive Paintball but that isn't enough anymore. If the goal is to professionalize the pro event and its broadcasting the commentators need to know who the players are--not just who their friends are--and be prepared to talk not only about the players but also the teams and the strategic flow of the matches to be truly informative. Nor will all of that happen overnight but it ought to be the target they're shooting for.) It was probably a near miracle there was any webcast at all.
Congrats to all the teams, winners and losers alike. Winners, remain humble and hungry, losers make no excuses and re-double your efforts. There are four more opportunities coming this season to compete and win in the PSP and a season title to be contested in every division.
I look forward (hint, hint) to hearing from the divisional correspondents and when I do I will post their thoughts, reactions & observations on Galveston.


Fullbore said...

"but this solution poses a new set of logistical concerns."

Kinda like when Malaga blew up the first time on the MS.

BK said...

I enjoyed the webcast a lot. I thought the angles were good and the commentary flowed pretty well when they knew exactly what they were talking about. From the pictures of the field that surfaced on the Nation Saturday morning, I can't believe they were able to finish the tournament. That's pretty amazing.

Missy Q said...

I chose Pheonix. Pheonix always seems to be nice and I think it would make a safe season-opener.

A fan in South America said...

I really enjoyed the webcast and found it greatly improved over last year's in terms of angles, production value and information. Having pros rotate in and comment alongside Matty worked really well and gave me (a bit more than casual fan) a lot of insight into what goes into preparing for and competing in a national event. Overall I'd call it a resounding success and appreciate getting to watch it for free.

p8ntballnxj said...

(disclaimer, im from Michigan)

Just my $0.02 here but i think the schedule should be changed around a bit...

Event #1 - March event in SoCal
Event #2 - April event in Vegas or PHX
Event #3 - June event in Chicago or STL area
Event #4 - August event on east coast so NJ, Atlantic City, NY, DC, SC etc.
Event #5 - October event in Orlando

My thought behind this is that you get events on each coast and in the mid-west so that it even's it out for everyone. I think So-Cal is the best choice for a first event due to weather (avg in march is mid to high 60's) and location for a lot of teams. Any reason why the first event cant be played at HB or in SD? Id also like to see an event in Vegas but thats just me being greedy... lol.

The Mid-West event is normally in Chicago and im cool with that but if a better venue is open in say STL, i wouldnt be upset about it.

As for the MAO event, i think there are lots of options. Myrtle Beach might work out due to TONS of hotels in the area but we also have many options from there up to Boston that would also work. Just something to throw out...

As for WC, Orlando area seems to be the best choice. No good reason to look into moving it from my point of view.

Mark said...

You'd like the webcast Baca, I only heard Matty say "Feasting" once.

I still would like to see at least one commentator with some eastcoast-team knowledge.

Stats as far as I can tell never really materialized. After the first day I think priorities were reevaluated.

By the way I voted Florida hosting the first event. Using your NASCAR anology this past Daytona 500 was the first in it's 50+ year history to ever be postponed.

Also this being an La NiƱa year usually means more wet weather in the midwest/plain states, but also is supposed produce dryer weather in the SE U.S.

CadeX said...

Amazingly all of the stats were collected for the 18 Pro prelim matches that were played in Texas. I have to give HUGE props to the Stats Crew, Webcast Crew, Reffing Crew, Registration Crew, Event Staff and Management for going heads-up with mother-nature during this physically and mentally exhausting event. The 2012 Texas Open will be one of the events that people will continue to talk about like Pomona or Mardi gras for years. Hey Baca, why don’t you put a list together to document the top 5 or 10 worst weather events?

Dave Painter said...

I wouldn't mind seeing event 2 and event 4 swapped around - for the simple fact that for the East Coast teams the current schedule means two long trips to start the season and for the West Coast teams it means two long trips to end the season. Swap two events and spread the travel out a bit more equally. This might allow for teams to save up a bit more between their big travel trips and attend more events.

Mark said...

Dave that swap puts PHX in august.

Baca Loco said...

As Mark notes Phoenix in August--or anytime during the summer--is not a real option. It could be the first event but I'm not sure the PSP wants to lock in a Phoenix venue. Whatever happens the first venue has to promise warm normally pleasant weather in March. And the balmy moderate climate of SoCal disappears a few miles inland so Cali becomes a question of cost and viable venue because the PSP is largely dedicated to playing on real grass. I wouldn't be at all surprised by a different Texas venue next year.

You got it. Tomorrow--counting down the five worst events, weather-wise.

Anonymous said...

What was the issue with the Rockhill SC event? Myrtle would be a cool location if the right venue could be found.

Mike said...

Anyone have any idea WHAT stats were collected, and WHEN and WHERE they will be posted?

Webcast was phenomenal. Better quality than it's ever been. I enjoyed the commentary from Matty + Todd. Both we're great. Lasoya talked too much and interrupted the other 2. He was a bit overbearing although his commentary was decent.

I suggest PSP open their season in..................

Canada? Just kidding. Vancouver got snow today!

Anonymous said...

Todd was good especially when he occasionally slipped into short bus mode like when the viper in 50 snake slung the pod of paint at the dude shooting him in the ass.

Dave Painter said...

agreed - hadn't really thought about the time so much as the funding. My goal would be to seperate the events - West Coast, East Coast, Mid West, West Cost, East Cost.

Someone with an almanac can decide where the best place to put them are.

Anonymous said...

That's an easy fix then, switch Phx to the season opener in March for the 1st Event... by April it starts to heat up anyways, Phx PSP will be warmer than anticipated this year.

Then hold the second event somewhere in late April/early May with a favorable weather history in the Midwest/Plain States/Southeast.

Split up the trips while mitigating risk.

Even tho California gets hot in the summer, it still remains one of the places with the best overall conditions to host an event in the summer. Most other places become dreadful at the same temps with the addition of humidity.

Missy Q said...

New Jersey 2003 NPPL should be on the list of 5 worst-weather events.

abc said...

The same weekend the PSP held their event in Wet-Texas, Nascar was in Vegas.

It would be wiser to put Vegas or AZ first on the list because they get so much more sun.

But also remember, Texas isn't all bad. It's a gigantic state. They could have been in San Antonio or Dallas without those weather problems.

I'm not saying we should leave Galveston though. I actually like the venue.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, they could stage the first event somewhere where they know the weather will be terrible. At least this takes guesswork out of the calculations, right?
Chicago is particularly nasty in March. You would know going-in that it would be a nightmare, and can than plan accordingly.


Anonymous said...

MS Belgium 2007 should also be included in the running for the worst 5. The two Malaga storm events were in some ways beyond the controll of the organisers, the Chaleroi venue was substandard, before the addition of rain.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Webcast I agree with you completely they need to professionalize their commentating. It gets pretty old when you hear them talk about their past experiences in paintball. I just want to hear about what's happening on the field and about the teams and stats. Of course like you said it's not going to happen overnight but it's definitely improving by far. Also Chris Lasoya is a terrible commentator.