Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photographers Gone Wild!

Due to circumstances beyond VFTD's control today's post will be postponed. Unlike the PSP this blog was unable to recover (from bursts of hyperventilating laughter) in time to post the 5 Worst Events in MLP History. [*] Look for it tomorrow. Instead to day's post will say everything that needs to be said about the latest brouhaha involving paintball photographers. (Link to PBN thread in post title.)
VFTD has long considered the bulk of paintball photographers to be nuisances and the majority of paintball photography to be the "extreme sport" equivalent of vanity portraiture. Amateur photogs taking mundane, virtually indistinguishable, repetitive images to sell to divisional players wanting a memento or two to take home. Which is fine--to a point. In recent years every sensible limit has been strained to the breaking point--which (apparently) snapped recently.
As entertaining as the thread in question has been I won't be commenting on the particulars because there aren't enough factual details. Instead I will be suggesting a measured response and future course of action to be considered in the aftermath. This is actually a bigger issue for the PSP than the raging photogs and should probably be addressed as such. It begins with the new PSP affiliated media company now responsible for the webcast and related media products. What if any exclusivity does or should the new media company have? My reply would be the match narratives that the webcast is attempting to capture and communicate. And if that's the way the league perceives it then still photography is not a concern, only alternative video products. If that is the case then the follow-on issue becomes what sort, if any, product should secondary video media producers be allowed to create, promote, display and/or sell.
I would say the league doesn't need to--or want to--monopolize live action at least for the time-being--but that's just me. In any case some thought will have to be given to what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to alternative video presentations.
Also I think it would behoove the league to have a simple use rights agreement with the featured teams signed on an annual basis. No monies need change hands but some clarity for all involved parties on what is fair and expected use could preclude future hassles. And if the webcast develops as anticipated it will eventually become an issue. Right now it's in everyone's interest to make the product available so now is the ideal time to begin a cooperative effort.
Okay now we can talk photogs. These can be divided between established media reps and vanity photographers. (I suppose a very few are both but then not all "media" is created equal either.) The media reps should be vetted and given access where and how the league determines. (Media reps can also include sponsor and team photographers.) The vanity photogs should also be limited to a pre-determined number and perhaps vetted based on a different criteria; years of experience, customer satisfaction, etc. The media reps receive credentials and in return agree to provide the league with images under a simple use rights agreement that serves and protects everyones' interests. The vanity photogs pay a modest access fee and are under no other obligation. Under such a system the league controls competing content, limits access, vets legit media outlets and provides some oversight of the vanity photography industry which benefits the players in general even if a limited number of photographers would likely mean higher prices. At some point the market; ie: the players, will decide what they're willing to pay.
Of course then I won't have anybody to make fun of anymore--except guys pulling off lame DMW.


Fullbore said...

Question. Had the player who carried out the DMW and posted up the footage captured with his barrel cam on youtube paid the $1,500 to PSP for filming on field?

I mostly agree with Bacca's views on paint 'togs, despite being on the other side of the lens.

Don Saavedra said...

Oh man. Photographers are just the worst.

Nick Brockdorff said...

I love DMWs :)

Baca Loco said...

Of course you do. Too bad it's hand in glove with the mentality holding y'all back, Nick.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what's worse:
Those who claim DMW's are "ballsy plays".
Those who are apparently hoping for a score reversal a week after it went down.
Rico crawling out of the woodwork with his story from 1998.
The legions that will try attempt it the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did I miss the latest controversy over the DMW? And why can't we call it a dead mans walk before going to the acronym since I had to think for a few minutes to figure out what you guys were talking about with all this DUI at the DMV shtuff.

Baca Loco said...

Last Anon
I originally commented on the DMW on VFTD Facebook--and it's been fun. If you missed that you also missed the latest story from the WWP (World Wide Pev.) ;-)

Next to last Anon
I also enjoyed Rico's trip down memory lane--and even he recognized the Galveston DMW was lacking.

Nick Brockdorff said...

No "mentality" is holding me back - I've won what I was supposed to win, in my day :)

I like creative "trick plays" in any sport - doesn't matter if it's football, basketball or paintball :)

But hey, I completely respect the purists out there for disagreeing... I just think it's a double standard if you are ok with - for instance - playing on and wiping, but against DMWs.

Anonymous said...

After searching out the FB page and youtube video, I agree the DMW does not belong.

The alternative to having dead mans walk is to always shoot a player walking down the sidelines or make it a required rule that every player must hold their gun in the air when exiting the field as a dead man.

Anyone not with their gun in the air is free game.

But I don't like the idea of some teams now feeling like they have to shoot anybody walking down the sidelines just to be sure.

The "move" requires you intentionally taking advantage of your opponents "charity" in their not shooting you because they assume you are already out. That's pretty poor.

Baca Loco said...

Nick, you're the one who used the term "mentality" to describe a common Europlayer deficiency. (In a different VFTD comments section.) My point is that your view--common among the Eurotrash--of the DMW is part and parcel of why there is a "mentality" deficit.

Nick Brockdorff said...

I understood the connection you were trying to make - I just don't think there is one :)

Also, I don't quite understand why you view the DMW as something "european"?

As for making sure people eliminated are not lit up, at MS events, eliminated players walk off with a hand on their head - it's a pretty easy rule change to make.

Baca Loco said...

Not a European thing per se, just a far more acceptable even celebrated action in Euroland compared to here. Rather like stinky cheese.
Re: mentality. Old dogs. Perhaps there's hope for the younger generation. ;)
Hand on head rule sounds good to me.