Monday, August 31, 2009

Down & Dirty With Mr. Curious

It seems Mr. C was visiting an unfamiliar town recently and ended up wandering down and dark and twisting alley where he was accosted by a man in a trenchcoat. I know what you're thinking--shame on you--but it turns out much worse than you think. The dude in the trenchcoat was all outta knock-off Rolexes and Armani stretch pants. All he had was a couple of lousy paintball rumors he insisted were hot, hot, hot. And, well, you know the rest, don't you? Mr. Curious couldn't resist 'cus, like you, he's a paintball junkie and he was jonesing.
So he ponied up but now he wonders if he's been ripped off and decided to share with VFTD. VFTD has contacted our pal Sean Scott over at SP--did I forget to mention the rumors are about SP?--so we'll see if there's an official or unofficial response.

The back alley word is that SP has recently put their sales reps on notice--sell more stuff!--and that the company will not be sending support or their vendor set-ups out to any event for the remainder of the season.

Does this mean some of the mass of SP rumors this last few months might be correct? Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Seans going to bust a gut when he reads this - have you forgotten how he simultaniously fell off his chair and threw his toys outta the pram last time?

Baca Loco said...

I dropped him a line last night before I posted to give him the head's up. Lots of rumors in paintball and we are on the cusp of the sily season when it's worse than normal. But it's almost always fun.

anonachris said...