Friday, August 7, 2009

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Hmmm, grapes.
The latest rumor related to the tempest in a teapot (so far) that is the curious relationship between the MS and Turkish small arms maker Sarsilmaz, is that some of the Millennium's big name sponsors aren't going to show for the event. Ostensibly the excuse will be logistics and the related costs but the whispered subtext is that nobody wants the "real" gun association. Particularly not right now.
Given the nature of paintball politics the opposite could as easily be true. The Sarsilmaz "taint" may simply be a good excuse not to have to deal with the logistics and costs of displaying at the event in Turkey.
VFTD has made direct inquiries and if any of the companies mentioned in this batch of rumors is willing to go on the record I'll let y'all know.

CLARIFICATION: When I say companies mentioned in this batch of rumors I mean companies named in the rumor and intentionally left out of this posting.

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anonymous said...

The Mill really seems to have good vendor management.... they name an event (or if you believe them they allowed an event to be named) after a company that has never done anything for the sport or the league, until (possibly) now.

Like you said elsewhere, if you're Eclipse, Dye, etc. that have spent more than your fair share to prop up the Mill over the years and this is what you get. A back seat to the "real money" once it starts to come in.

And this perfectly sums up the reason why Smart Parts, Dye, Draxxus, etc. wanted to own the pro NXL league when they thought they could make it big time. They recognized they'd lose complete control over any influence if Pepsi came on board with real money. Why support something for so long with hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars only to lose your influence once it gets big and you're no longer needed.

If I'm a major sponsor of the league next year I'd be asking for an equity stake to make sure I'm actually "buying" something.