Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Paintball Related Observations

Right. It seems I picked the right time to be gone as not a whole lot seems to have gone down. I mean, y'all are still talking about the Todd / Dynasty thing. I've no idea how things work in the Dynasty camp but serious teams are all focused on winning and stuff happens and things change. This ride isn't forever, for anybody. It seems like this is a lesson in real life that seldom gets learned. Sounds to me like Todd has handled this deal with dignity and his characteristic humor and while I think it's fair game for everybody to talk about it never ceases to amaze me how heated some of y'all get. It's a game to you, it's real life for them. Good luck to them all.

And the Bushwacker news is kinda old too. The world keeps turning and the soap opera never ends. What I haven't heard is who takes the Wackers place in DC? (Maybe I ought to check my email.)

For the Eurokids--this is a bit dated--but I've heard from sources close to the MS board that they realized their error in judgment on this Turkey deal but signed contracts are signed contracts and so they've done what they always do--stop up their ears and hope it all goes away--and it appears they will get their wish. Again. The sources are inclined to think a large part of the problem is the league has lots of chiefs and no Indians (Is there a PC way to phrase that? Probably but screw it.) Given past performance I'm less inclined than the sources to give the MS any benefit of the doubt but it is the opinion held my peeps near the epicenter.

One recent development that does interest me is the number of Euro teams signing up for Cup. Sure there are always some but there are some bigger names this year if they bring their A rosters. And I'd like to know how the PSP is gonna accommodate Joy in the Pro div if the limit remains 13 teams. (I'm assuming they'll add one at some point.) Still, none of them are coming for sure until they've paid their entry far as I'm concerned. And what about this playing down business? I know the Eurokids are used to doing this but I thought the MS and PSP were working together to internationalize and standardize our game so shouldn't part of that process include recognizing each other's divisions? At a minimum? (Although I'm fine with them playing semi-pro.) But otherwise aren't they selling themselves short and aren't we saying it's okay for them because we all know they aren't really that good? If it were me, well, maybe I'm not that good, but by god, it's condescending.

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