Monday, August 31, 2009

The Monday Poll

So I'ma getting close to flogging this thing for more than it's worth but ideas are a little thin these days. What can I say? World Cup is coming up, football season is upon us and the real truth is I spend way too much time just plain pissed off when things aren't working very well. (More on that in the next post.)
Oh, you're wondering which thing I'm flogging today? The whole USPL (NPPL 3.0) versus the PSP thing. Does it seem to you like I'm flogging this dealio? Maybe not. Maybe it's just because I go round and round on this thing all the time. This week's question is: You can only play one. World Cup at Fantasy of Flight or the USPL Championships on The Strip in Vegas?

Btw, you got any ideas, however outlandish, for a Monday Poll, I'm all ears. Let's hear 'em.

Monday Poll in Review
Now this is a mystery of pure mathematics. How is that 8 people can vote "yes" thus being entitled to cast a second, qualifying vote but in the final poll there were 27 "qualifying" votes cast? While the raw numbers may not jibe the obvious answer is that many of you are confused or couldn't resist casting a second vote. Or that you failed to comprehend the nature of the poll and the "rules" for voting. Given that many of you are not native English speakers you are exempt from criticism but the rest of you toolboxes have no excuse. As a consequence of your disorderly voting we can best conclude from The Monday Poll that the great majority think the MS kids ought to compete at their MS ranking but dropping one division isn't really a big deal 'cus, you know, it's tough for the Eurokids to be competitive. Sound about right?
I suppose, given the fact I've made a mockery or two of my own poll on occasion I shouldn't hold it against you lot when you do the same. So no hard feelings. I would say my poor polls need all the help they can get so if you'd make just a little effort next time--that's all I ask.


Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

I have been trying to convince my son's team to chunk Cup and play Vegas. I don't want to spend 5 days in the middle of BF Florida. I would love to spend a few days in Vegas. USPL equals lower entry fees, one-half paint costs, higher return on investment if winning division, hundreds of dollars saved in rental vans, less school missed, cheap hotel/food/entertainment. Their response? "We are not playing 7-man." Sigh....

Baca Loco said...

Two things, Kim. (It is Kim, isn't it? Tell me it is even if I remembered wrong.)
1. Fantasy of Flight and, more importantly, most of the hotel options or rental houses are legitimately mostly within a 20 minute or so drive of Kissimmee and staying at the old places, as long as we're talking along or close to 192 puts you within 20 minutes or so of the venue. For real.
2. That is precisely the argument the USPL is framing to make their case.

Did you calculate in gambling losses or ticket prices for the shows?

Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

Kim is correct - I applaud you! I don't gamble. Unless you count the $40.00 I lost in a cruise ship's casino a few weeks ago. That boring little experience only reinforced why I don't enjoy gambling. I would enjoy stepping directly from the hotel to the event like Denver '05. Not spending 40+ minutes driving back and forth to a venue every day. But it's all for naught. I'll be in Florida. Like it or not!

Baca Loco said...

It's okay, Kim, Frank gambles enough for all of us. In fact I think he's the one who got the Riviera on board as soon as they heard he was coming.

As to the whining about a little drive I gotta call you out on that one. That's nothing. Why when I was a boy I used to walk up hill, both ways, to go to wrestling and basketball practice. Did I mention it was snowing, too?
And don't get me started on paintball practice. My drive this year--about an hour each way--is the best ever. Heck, I've flown to practie and driven 3+ hours each way and I liked it! So you'll get no sympathy here. ;-)

BeSmart said...

I can understand your take TGTP. But it points to a basic paintball fact. Kids want to play Xball / Race to. .

It more exciting.It has more of a sports feel in playing it.

325 (with 5 weeks to go) teams signed up for an event in Polk City, Fl. 58 played in the DC USPL event last weekend. Its just not even close.

Put another way: The total number of seven-man teams who have played the 3 USPL 'National' Events, is HALF of the number of teams signed up to play at World Cup.

And when the West Coast goes Xball its gonna get worse. Hinmans WCPPL had 43 teams signed up for a Southern California REGIONAL event. How that league goes will speak volumes.

But i feel ya, Vegas is always a good spot... just not good enough to cover over all the deficiencies of a dated format.

Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

I know, Baca. I'm a whiner. Probably comes from when I was a kid selling Girl Scout cookies in west Texas. Ya know. Walking into a 45 mph head wind with blowing sand and dodging tumble weeds! Bare footed, of course! For me, a lot of it comes down weighing the issues I mentioned earlier. For the kids - it's obviously playing the format they love. Regardless of the cost, location, etc.

Anonymous said...

Do the kids pay out of their own pocket Kim? If not, would they change their mind if they were?

Being totally selfish, I would choose Vegas every day. Thats because I love Vegas, gambling, womanising and drinking, plus, humidity sucks.

Missy Q said...

is the problem that most of the players these days can't legally sample the delights of Texas? That was always my worry with the average age of todays players...

Missy Q said...

when I said Texas, I meant Vegas, obviously. I'm not even sure if there are any 'delights' to 'sample' in Texas - sorry for the confusion.

Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

Yes, they pay all but hotel and van rental from their own pockets. Honestly, they are playing a local tournament this weekend. If they don't win, their chances of going to Cup are pretty slim due to the lack of funds.

Haha, Missy! I'm sure there are some "delights" to "sample" in Texas but I think I've gotten to old to enjoy such past times. The "kids" now range in age from 17 to 20 so none are "legal" to partake in most adult entertainment. Which might explain the lack of interest in Vegas. That and the 7-man format.