Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Weekly Update

Dog days of summer, kids. Dog days of summer and nothing too exciting is going on so I'ma keep this one brief.

You may breath a sigh of relief as the WC finals and divisional field layout has been released. And for you snake fetishists, hey, it looks like a snake! But c'mon, PSP, where's the first round field layout for the pro field? It's discriminatory, I tell ya and I want it yesterday.
Registrations are up fairly substantially over last week hitting 226 this morning. The same again this coming week and the numbers would start to look promising (keeping in mind the target number is around 300 or so) although the PSP of course would love to see a final number as close to last year's 330+ as possible.
PSP appears to have raised the limit in the semi-pro bracket to 15 teams. Making room for a few more lower ranked thrill seekers or expecting a few "new" teams to compete? So far only a handful of international teams have registered. D4 & D3 xball are populating nicely but D2 looks a bit thin for a WC turnout.

Over at the USPL--or is it the NPPL 3.0?--(the NPPL logo holds pride of place on the USPL's front page) the kids are gearing up for the DC Challenge. Registration totals aren't up but those registered are beginning to get their entries in for the end of August event.
More hints of info are also being put up on the website with regards the 4th event of the season and championship finale. We knew it was looking like Vegas but there is now info narrowing it down to the Riviera hotel & casino--right in the heart of the action on the Strip. Apparently an announcement was planned for the Saturday of the WCO but hasn't yet happened that will hopefully round out the details. The sooner the league can make peeps aware of the prime venue the sooner they can start building those registrations which, realistically, is likely to be another challenge for the league as it appears to be scheduled for the weekend immediately following World Cup.

No changes to report in Millenniumland with unlocked division registrations the same as last week. But it's early days yet. It is nice to see the league responding to concerns from participating teams and players over the potential expense of the Turkey event by making camping available on the cheap for Campaign Cup. Just the sort of thing that keeps happy teams coming back again and again. Well, that and licensing fees, pre-payments and contractual obligations.

The Grand Tour has hit its mid-season Open pro event with the Moscow event this coming weekend but apparently somebody forgot to tell the pro teams and/or those who wanted to vie for the cash prizes as nobody is registered in the pro division for this event according to the Grand Tour website. I guess the MS got it right--if you want them to come make it compulsory. Looking at the rest of the registrations there are only 4 non-Russian teams currently registered as part of a season low field of 22 teams. My money (a couple of zlotys) is on Minsk United. Is that an awesome team name or what?


BeSmart said...

Baca, on good authority the Pro/SemiPro prelim layout is coming this week.

BeSmart said...

Also...signing a contract for THAT date in the USPL for Vegas was not a smart move,regardless of how small the window was.

And i think 300+ (which given all factors is pretty good) is doable for World Cup... as of 6pm EST today, the PSP World Cup sign up is at 245 IF you go ahead and throw in the 11 Pro teams that are left to sign up.

Baca Loco said...

Thanks BSmart
It helps Lane and the kids stay on the ball when I bitch and moan a little bit. Although, come to think of it he hasn't sent a "thank you" card lately. I wonder why.