Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Weekly Update

Off in MillenniumLand they are a day (or two) late and a Euro short as the league makes a belated(?) effort to respond to widespread player grumbling over the more expensive than expected for a routine event costs associated with the Turkey event. Otherwise nobody seems particularly put out by the Sarmilaz business. (If you missed that check the stack of posts here from last week. D'oh!) Not even the Germans who recently dodged a legislative bullet. Is it really any wonder the MS does what it wants?

Registrations for PSP's World Cup are at 262 teams and counting. What else do you need to know? With the venue change and the dramatic effect that will have on the bottom line I think the numbers are beginning to look pretty good. Fingers crossed.

NPPL 3.0 (You remember the USPL don't you?) has the DC Challenge coming and the league is making a strong and concerted effort to get the teams and fans out. With a pro team sponsored cookout and free play passes to be handed out the league can't be faulted for not doing enough. At the same time registrations are upt to 90 teams ut paid entries is at a disappointing 30 so far. Less than 10 days left to get that entry in.

Over at the not so Grand Tour the Moscow venue was changed at the last minute in what was probably a response to the very small turnout as it appears only 22 teams participated with a big fat goose egg in the Pro division. Next up is the Budapest event and as a regular series event the 9 Pro teams that have been competing all year are back and the current registrations for the early September event stands at 32 (and counting?)

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