Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Lane Wright Interview

Lane is going to do the inaugural VFTD interview and I want to include y’all in the process. In comments post up the questions you’d like Lane to answer and I will include a few of the best. And when I say "best" that is potentially a very very broad category. Do I need to say "go crazy"?

For those wondering how did VFTD get Lane to do this interview--let’s just say it was easier to agree than to change his phone number--again. (The boring truth is no coercion was required. I’m thinking it was probably just a temporary lapse in judgment.)


Mike said...

Standard Question - What do you think the future holds for tournament paintball and the PSP?

50 cal Question - Do you think this will hurt or help paintball as a whole?

And - Can you give us any hints of new event locations for the 2010 season?

Anonymous said...

How long will you be with the PSP and what happens to the PSP after you leave?

Anonymous said...

Baca, I'm looking for this to be a serious, hard hitting, issue-based interview and not some fluff piece. Don't let me down.

Reiner Schafer said...

The PSP dropped the ROF in 2008 and again for the 2009 season. You publicly indicated that industry manufacturers (PSP sponsors) were a big part of the drive for this drop The hope was that a "trickle down" effect to local fields will help make the game more attractive to potential players. With a season and a half gone by, have you had any feedback from these industry leaders to confirm that this is indeed happening? Is the plan woking as it was hoped it would?

Don Saavedra said...

I've interviewed Lane, and there isn't a better interview in paintball.

Here's my question, the answer to which could fill a few articles: How much do you feel that Tournament Paintball shapes the sport as a whole, and as President of the top tournament circuit in the world, how much responsibility do you feel to the overall vitality of the sport?

Missy Q said...

Is it true that Geoff Waterman smokes more Marlboro's in one day than the entire population of France?

Why is it that you 'accidentally' end up at gay bars so often, when you're apparently 'not gay'?

If you had to add one team to the Pro division, and take one out - which ones would you personally pick?

raehl said...

That last question is a waste - clearly Lane would swap out the Americans and bring in the Blue Gunners.

anonachris said...

I'm looking forward to a bunch of questions about the "move-up or move-out" ranking classification!

Baca Loco said...

Thanks to you all so far. Some real quality there. I think the answer to one of Missy's questions can be answered with the initials JD. Don, I like that one. Faction, I for one would welcome the challenge of the Blue Gunners and insist we draw then every event.

Geoff Waterman said...

Pshhhh..... No contest.... Once Chris plugs the layout into his super-turbo computer program, you won't stand a chance.....

Missy Q said...

I don't remember asking a "what's your favorite liquor" question....

papa chad said...

will the PSP "feeder series'" ever come to large prominence/larger scale fruition?

BeSmart said...

Thanks for taking my question(s) in advance Lane via Baca. .

1)Do you see the PSP TV Webcast as a viable
income generator for the PSP and is there a
longterm strategy in place?

2)There is a growing sentiment that NOW is the
time for the PSP to strengthen and expand
regional relationships in the 5 man and Race
to..format (ie NEPL,WCPPL, Vicious Series
becoming their regions 'CFOA').Can you speak
on that from (a) a 'perfect world' scenario
and (b) what is likely to happen?

3)It seems that with the exception of perhaps
missing on the timespread between Chicago
and World Cup, the PSP has made some very
solid decisions to stay on top as The League
for national level tournament paintball. It
was duly noted that the Doritos name was on
prominent display in Chicago. Can you tell
us a little about this as it relates to
potential sponsorhips going forward?

4)In a brief laymans overview, how can
the 'universal classification' via APPA
help the PSP and paintball in general?

Great job on an insightful forum Baca.

BeSmart said...

Looking at the PSP Pro Divisions landscape, we find five(5) West Coast, one(1) Northwest, one(1) Southwest, two(2) Northeast, one(1) Deep South, one(1) Midwest, and two(2) Internationals.

Damage has done a very nice job of bringing in a quality organization into the Pro ranks in the South. However, teams such as Trauma, Strange, Rage, and even Ultimate; teams based in the South have gone away. In light of the fact that that region of the country is a stronghold for the Race to . .. / 5man format, would you like to see this demographic
more balanced?

BeSmart said...

Outside of the PSP TV's updates on the statistics being kept, the public has not gotten to see just how interesting and insightful* they are. Are there plans to: make them available for fans and players to follow throughout the season? include Semi-Pro? Expand the range of statistics?

*Noteworthy is the fact that while the stats may not be 100%, they are VERY close. Similar to MMA where strikes, etc are very close. Statistics give fans something tangible to look at and talk about beyond the matches themselves.

Missy Q said...

1.Name one thing you hate about Tournament paintball.
2. you decide to ban a Pro-player for life, for no valid rules-related reason at all - who would it be, and why?
3. Who is the biggest pain in your ass, other than Geoff Waterman?
4. You inherit $5million. Do you plough it into the tournament paintball industry, to raise the level of the game as we know it, or do you disappear forever, to live the life you always dreamed of?

chris said...

Have you ever noodled a catfish?

BeSmart said...

Using the high-powered NFL sports model...they are constantly tweaking rules and making adjustments to keep their sport current with the type of players who populate their game. Do you have a particular rule change(s) that you personally would like to see implemented within the PSP?

BeSmart said...

Lane there has been some "concern on the part of many paintballer around the country"* that paintball has hampered your fishing career. They will point to a rise in the ranking followed by a precipitous drop in tournaments fished and subsequent rankings.

The PSP ship bodes well with you at the helm, and hopefully continues to do so. What, however, does that inner voice within you have to say with regards to: Where is Lane Wright in two years?

* A total fabrication. Kids who play paintball assume paintball is your life, you whole life
and nothing but.

BeSmart said...

When we look at the 2009 USPL season, it can be said that is has been a disappointment at the very least. Some would even say it has been detrimental to tournament paintball in that it has tried to divide loyalties and market share.

If you could have the floor for 10 minutes in a room with the USPL owners and officials, what would your message be?