Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hey Hey HEY!

Calling all Pro slackers. Here's a gentle reminder for all you lazy good for nothing pro players if you want to see your Pro*file posted here at VFTD. I don't want to hear about school, job, girlfriend, charity work or any of the rest of your hackneyed and lame excuses. The price of participation is you making a modest effort. For more info look here or drop me an email. (Or have your personal assistant do it for you.)

Over at one of my favorite watering holes somebody leaked a copy of a possible NPPL Chicago field design. It is one of two under consideration and it is a copy of the original that was scribbled on at an HB meeting called to discuss the various submissions. The scribbles are suggested changes (like moving the carwashes further toward the center of the field and switching the Dorito wire corner SDs for the nearby Temples.) An owners vote was supposed to decide which one would be the Chicago layout but apparently the drama continues. It is rumored that white smoke will rise from Eric Crandall's barbecue once a final field is actually chosen.

The MSXL, the PSP's newest (first) (only) supporting league [Why aren't these guys an affiliate and what's the difference? Enquiring minds] has taken a big step and they are offering an Open Division of play for players ranked pro down to D2. It will be interesting to see if this gets off the ground. So far it looks like a couple of "local" PSP D1 teams are on board. Could be an excellent opportunity for regional D1 and higher ranked players to consider putting new teams together as well as this provides them a place to compete without the expense and uncertainty of jumping into the national fray right away.

UPDATE: dropped by the Big Bullet (after checking out Steve's guest posts at T-Square) and it looked like a brand new site. Looks good. (The purple is gone.) and it's very easy to skim through all the different items quickly to get an overview of what's happening. Also, the right sidebar is dominated by links that go the extra mile and list a number of recent postings on the various sites represented--so if you want to make sure you haven't missed something at the Bullet you can skim all the new stuff at loads of other paintball sites. (And even better, it means you can officially leave Twitter to the teenaged girls--as well as those who might as well be teenaged girls. [You know who you are.] Twitter is not for real men. Call me backward, Neolithic even but if Twitter doesn't make you uncomfortable you probably ought to check your hormone levels, ladies.)


Missy Q said...

I agree.
Twitter is totally gay, in an uber-feminine way.
Also, I don't understand how it works, which means it must also be evil, and probably turns people into homosexuals, maybe even Al Quaida terorists.

I write actual hand-written mail to people. It takes a little longer, but it's waaaay more hetero, and I can look at half-dressed women without the slightest revulsion.

Crotchety Old Fan said...


it's not the system that's gay, it's the name: twitter - like a little girl's laugh. Could have called it giggle or snicker and it would have amounted to the same thing.

Just rename it - send a Guffaw post or a 'hearty-laugh' message instead; perhaps a 'chuckle' or maybe even a 'belly-laugh' and you'll feel more manly.

(PS: dropping the moniker might make you feel a bit more masculine also. Just sayin.)

Crotchety Old Fan said...

ps - thanks for the mention and glad you like the new implementation of 68caliber

anonachris said...

Good thinking. I'm going to go start dumper. So we can all refer to our constant inane updating on every aspect of our lives as "taking a dump"

Anonymous said...

68 caliber is the best news site I have seen yet!!! in fact that is how I found you and I really enjoy your stuff

anonachris said...

Ya I just took a dump on my turd feed that 68 cal is pretty sweet.