Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paintball is a Beach

Today's word, boys & girls, is karma. Can you say, karma? I knew you could. The question is; Whose karma is it that sucks this bad? I'm not sure but there's lots of candidates. At a minimum it would appear that Spain is just not all that hospitable.

Last year a combo of rough weather and the goofy inflatable fields wreaked a bit of havoc on the Millennium's Malaga event. This year some more high winds and unpredictable weather have again conspired to threaten the event and if that wasn't enough a volcanic eruption in Iceland grounded planes all over the UK and Scandinavia leaving who knows how many players and teams scrambling.

Will the league have to reschedule massive chunks of their schedule? Will teams arrive late to discover they've forfeited a match? Will the sea swallow up a field or two? And what about Mary? The drama continues all weekend long. It seems the MS has made an effort to reschedule and will attempt to accommodate all late arrivals. The league is also offering additional assurances that field crews will be working hard to make sure the fields are playable first thing tomorrow.

UPDATE: Apparently the MS was overly optimistic about getting all the fields up and ready as play began today with 2 fields. There was some talk earlier about cancelling but matches have gone forward. Also talk of carrying matches and results over as happened last year. A large number of teams unable to get there at all and no difinitve word from the league how the event will proceed or be resolved.

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