Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Major League Paintball on Suicide Watch

This week it ain't only major league paintball--on suicide watch, that is. I've removed all sharp objects and belts from around the house. (I'm eating with a plastic spork while holding my paints up.) The wretched computer continues to cause problems but--but--I may have finally solved the problem(s). Just another day down the drain.

The team list over at the not so Grand Tour continues to inch upward. At this rate they may hit two dozen. And in another sign of the times the GT has enlisted Intager Entertainment as a league sponsor. Seems Intager is hoping to entice field operators with the prospect of extra income from what sounds rather like some sort of laser tag gimmick. Okay so sponsors are hard to come by but come on, laser tag!? Have a little self-respect. If you guys are gonna go there you might as well chase that Airsoft dollar too.

In the PSP registration has opened for the Chicago Badlandz event. It's so early I didn't even bother to look to see if any teams are already on the list--but I bet there are a few. (That and I feel like I'm typing on borrowed time while I wait for the computer to go straight to hell again.) Let me recommend if you're going to Chi-town to get those hotel reservations in asap. And it's better to commute to the fields and stay somewhere in the vicinity of civilization than anywhere too close to Badlandz. Just a suggestion.

This week is the week for the big (-ish) HB extravaganza. I feel a bit better about this one than the last one only because we actually got in a day of practice (sorta) on the layout and because, frankly, I expect this field to play in a way that will neutralize, to a degree, our poor preparation. I might feel even better if I knew what was gonna happen schedule-wise but between my intermittent online availability the last few days and the general wisdom of the NPPL cabal to keep me out of the loop I have no clue what the pro teams will be doing. Except playing on Saturday. And I'm only assuming we're playing Saturday 'cus we's flying in on Friday. So here's hoping. I did notice there's no sign of a schedule posted yet (for anybody) over at the NPPL website.
To tell the truth I'm tempted to just find a nice spot near the pools across the street at the Hilton where I can watch the sea, enjoy the breeze and go for the margarita drinking world championship. I've been training. Hard.

Did you read the MS's announcement that KEE will be a platinum sponsor this season? It actually states "KEE has agreed to become ..." Does that strike anyone besides me as odd? Doesn't it sound like the league pursued KEE? (I'd be shocked if they didn't actually.) Will we see Dye "agree" next? And if we don't will the MS enforce their gun sponsor rules and deny teams in the locked divisions if they use "un-sponsored" gats? How well would that go over after the yeoman's effort the league has made to get teams signed up in the locked divisions these last couple of weeks? To tell the truth I'm hoping for a confrontation so we know exactly what the league will or won't do.
I've followed up best I can on the rumors that the league may be making deals to get teams on board this season. Sources suggest it's happened in the unlocked divisions before to get the "local" teams to help swell the ranks as the event dates close in. Some additional sources have confirmed as well that locked division deals have occurred though I couldn't get any direct info on this season's batch of new SPL late entries for example though there's talk of the league waiving the licensing fees.

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