Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Poll in Review

No new poll today 'cus I've spent the better part of 8 hours working on two stinkin' (malware invested) computers and I got nothing. Nothing poll worthy anyway. That and I'm bummed 'cus I missed Lebowskifest.
Last week I asked about the milsim aspect of scenario/big game play reiterating my take--not a big fan--not sure it's a good for paintball generally (although it's good right now for the industry's bottom line, maybe.) Anyway, not a high interest poll (which isn't a big surprise) and more interestingly I am in a very tiny minority on this one. (Of course that's because I'm always so far ahead of the curve.) 90%+ see the milsim stuff as basically harmless fantasy and just barely worth a mouse click vote. 3% see it as bad for paintball and 3% find it disrespectful and trivializing or just kinda creepy. 40% don't think the milsim stuff is a problem but also aren't interested in getting down with the milsim either. (And I'm only guessing but I'm pretty sure approximately 18% don't know what trivialize means.)
Okay, so it wasn't a rock'em sock'em poll and it didn't start an internet war with the Airsoft cadres. (I hate reading death threats in crayon anyway.) It was a good excuse to take another shot at the milsim mentality and really that's all I was looking for.


Justin@ProPaintball said...

Spybot Search & Destroy

and Ad-Aware

are good software to have on your pc's. they pretty much nuke the bad junk and keep you clean.

It also helps to use google chrome or firefox for web browsing.

Baca Loco said...

Thanks Justin
It disabled my browsers and security but I've got it taken care of.

sdawg said...

Buy a Mac.