Monday, April 26, 2010

The Monday Poll

Way to go, slackers! Excellent response to last week's poll. (Is that your apathy slipping?) Let's see if we can go triple digits two weeks in a row. And to do that we's sticking with a poll inspired, once again, by the NPPL. Think of it as part 2 of a continuing inquiry.

Last week I wanted to know which 5-man national format y'all preferred; PSP or NPPL. This time I'ma try to pin down the reasons why. In all likelihood more than one reason will apply but you will only be allowed to pick one which means you will have to prioritize--pick the one reason most important to you. There are eight options provided--some of which strike me as marginal but who knows? It's your opinion that matters in the Monday Poll. And just so you're clear I'm going to explain some of the options so there are (hopefully) no question about how they apply. The choices will be; Vibe, Venue, Entry, Officiating, Gun Rules, Coaching, Layouts & Format. Vibe reflects on the tournament as a whole. Venue is where the event(s) is held. Entry is the cost of competition. Officiating is officiating. D'oh! Gun Rules are "semi-auto" or capped ramping and/or enforcement of the rules. Coaching is the presence or absence of sideline coaching. Layouts are about field dimensions and types of bunkers in play. And Format is about traditional 5-man scoring versus Race 2-2.

Narrow it down, make your pick and then complain about the ones you wanted to choose in the comments and about how much better the poll would have been if you were allowed multiple choices.

Monday Poll in Review
No big surprises from last week's Monday Poll as the PSP version of 5-man dominated the NPPL variety 72% to 28%. Although it is intriguing that in actual numbers of people who paid to play so far this year we haven't seen anything like those percentages play out on the field. Maybe the poll should have included a generic category for PSP affiliate as well. Oh and that gives me an idea for next week's poll. It will be interesting to keep track of 5-man participation over the season and see how it ends up in real numbers and how it compares to our poll results considering the NPPL has already brought out their big gun with HB and the PSP is holding WC in reserve.


anonachris said...

This is fun. But what you're really after is a conjoin analysis. Where people are forced to rate the entries against each other in a form of trade offs. It's complicated and and costs $25,000.

But at the end you'll spend a bunch of money knowing what we all know -- customers are stupid, live and die by decisions made with your gut.

Baca Loco said...

The Blogger polls are what they are--anecdotally interesting but not particularly meaningful in any sense of the word. What I wanted to avoid was the mush of everybody more or less randomly clicking a few answers. This result should at least be a bit cleaner.

Anonymous said...

in the same vain, i was tempted to put down coaching (because I hate it), which I probably should have because that IS the single most important; however, I will likely never play an NPPL 5-man and am currently getting ready for my second PSP 5-man. It's just the 2nd-10th things all swing in the PSP's favor, and I play with coaching every weekend anyways.

Can I change my vote?


anonachris said...

Ya, the thing is... I'd vote format as it looks like most people. But that isn't entirely true. I'd play in HB compared to some Canada xball league or mexico xball league. So you'd have to add ethnocentrism to the list of important criteria when deciding a venue :)