Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Curious

Hears that the NPPL is considering picking up where the PSP left off by bringing back the All-Star concept. No word on what form it would take or how it would be integrated into a regular event--if that's the general idea. So far that's all it is; an idea. It will be interesting to see if it has any drawing power.

Also heard something he found far more interesting than another run-of-the-mill All-Star game idea which is, you know, okay but really just okay. The other idea was the institution of a paintball Hall of Fame. And while it may seem premature it would be a good way to preserve some of the game's short history while recognizing some of formative figures of the sport and in the process laying another foundation for taking the game as sport seriously. The current thinking would see the Hall of Fame established at Pev's in Virginia. (A grand opening that coincided with the NPPL DC event would be a natural, wouldn't it?)

Mr. C doesn't concern himself with such things but I wonder how the politics of the game and competing leagues will impact what and who would be included in a Hall of Fame linked to one league. To do this right it needs to be a-political and inclusive of all that's come before and in thinking about it I'm halfway convinced that isn't possible. I hope I'm wrong this time.


Missy Q said...

man, I hope they spell my name right....

Anonymous said...

A Hall of Fame Yea right and just who would decide who gets elected? Pev or the guys at cousins(Ha Ha)A Hall of Fame at some industry guys place no way!!!The only place a Hall of Fame should be is the Birthplace of Paintball(New Hampshire) and the nominations and final voting should be done in a fair and open manner.
This is a joke and just another field owner trying to draw more business !!

Missy Q said...

New Hampshire?

Birth of paintball?

Were you there or something?
Was there much pain?