Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deadbox Puppet Army

VFTD is pleased to take a moment to greet the latest recruits--and remind the rest of you lazy slackers that world domination isn't just going to fall into our laps. (And worse still some lame corporate types rip you off trying to be cool & clever. As of course does much of the rest of the Paintball universe at one time or another. C'est la vie.)
Thanks to Full Bore who joined a few weeks ago when the MS was congratulating itself for finding a new way to get peeps to pay more. (The Millennium photog jersey. Initially mostly yellow and finally mostly blue. But always all about the green.)
Thanks as well to Gregory Andre Martin who joined this week.
VFTD is proud to welcome you both to the ranks of the Deadbox Puppet Army. (After the initiation period you will receive your VFTD secret decoder rings.)

VFTD is currently working (feverishly) behind the scenes and will have an announcement (or three) upcoming in the next few weeks. DPA members will be given priority access. That is all.

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