Monday, June 13, 2011

The Monday Poll

Wow, you people, and when I say you people, you know who I'm talking about. You people have, once again, dodged a metaphorical bullet. I was this close--imagine index finger and thumb maybe a centimeter apart--that close--to bailing (again) on The Monday Poll this week but as I began working on the review section an idea came to me. One I actually find interesting. What you lot will think of it I won't try to predict. (But I could if I wanted to but that would only risk skewing the results.)
Here's this week's question: Pick the item currently in the (paintball) news that interests you most. Okay, not really a question but that's not really all that important. The idea is to offer a very broad diversity of answer options so that VFTD can see what sorts of paintball stories garner the most attention. (Unless of course you are embarrassed by your true choice, even in your anonymity, and lie on The Monday Poll.) The results should be fascinating--plus or minus five minutes--although your mileage may vary.
What are the chances the numbers pick up this week? Who knows. You people are a fickle lot. Most of you are plenty opinionated when it comes to the playing field. All that's required here is the click of a mouse. So vote already.

Monday Poll in Review
The least you could do is cover your mouth when you yawn. Last week was another Monday Poll most of you didn't find particularly noteworthy. They can't all be gems. I'm just saying. Anyway, last week's question wanted to know what you thought about the legal brouhaha in Cali. Given the vote totals y'all either aren't all that concerned or you figured there wasn't anything to be gained from worrying about it now. Besides, we're talking about paintball and paintball is supposed to be fun. Who wants to get bogged down in legal shens and the like? And it could be said, I suppose, that the optional choices perhaps lacked some seriousness (you know, the airsoft thing for one) even if potentially accurate.
For what it's worth here's how the voting broke down. Receiving 30% of the vote was "Glad I don't live in Cali" followed by 17% (determined to look on the bright side) who suggested, "Maybe getting rid of Mil-Sim markers not such a bad idea." 12% are concerned. 10% figure paintball in Cali (along with its players) "are screwed." Closing out the results with 8% apiece were "Here's a chance to get rid of Airsoft" and "Don't like it much but there's nothing I can do."
Lastly and definitely least with the remaining 2% were those afraid of the possible outcome and prepared to act.
See what I mean? Between the poor vote total and the fact less than a third of the votes reflected real concerns about the pending legislation it seems to me that most paintballers are tuning it out.


Anonymous said...

Split between the Cali Law and PSP Chicago. The one will potentially bring changes to the rest of the U.S. and the other I'm playing in.

Kevin said...

Frankly, this site is the only one that I see really discussing the Cali issue. Full disclaimer - I don't live on PBN or MCB. I'm sure they are discussing it there, but if folks thought it was that big of a deal, it should be plastered on the front page and headers.

Baca - you're right. It's a collective shoulder shrug. Hell, I even voted for the webcast because that's what has my attention.

Anonymous said...

Baca says,
Blogger continues to suck.
What can say, Kevin, I know our peeps. Fortunately those with monetary interest are on it.