Monday, June 20, 2011

The Monday Poll

Thinking way outside the box today--and, no, it has nothing to do with that half bottle of Don Julio and expired pain killers I accidentally mixed together yesterday. 3 times. (Kids, just say no to drugs.) (It's not a mixed message, it's a joke--so back off. Besides, celebrities do it all the time. I'm doing a PSA next week from rehab.)
This week's poll takes a look at what other interests y'all have that interfere with or take priority over paintball in what VFTD mockingly calls "your lives." Pick the top three 'real world' things that cramp your paintball style. Loser. (You may pick up to three 'answers'.) You call yourself a baller? Where's the dedication? The sacrifice? The desire to be the best you can be? Your gutless compromises make me sick. So go on. Vote. Get it out of your system. You'll feel better and we'll get loads of votes. You know it's the right thing to do--and it's cheaper than therapy.

Monday Poll in Review
Given the potential serious repercussions if paintball guns had been included in the (still) pending legislation in Cali regarding could-be-mistaken-for-a-real-gun variants; toys, Airsoft, etc. VFTD wondered how much impact the story had within the tiny corner of cyberspace devoted to Paintball. Prior to the poll it was my opinion the result would identify the pending law more frequently than say, a PBN poll might, simply because the average VFTD reader has very likely self-selected from the PBN pool or at least has an awareness of the PBN model and offerings. (Does that make the average VFTD reader smarter, a better baller and a generally all around more accomplished human being? Probably.) But even if the typical VFTD reader is more enlightened how enlightened can y'all be and still be involved in Paintball? (That one remains open for debate.) But in the poll comparison the Cali law came in second (at 22%) just edging out the PSP webcast (21%) and behind the latest on the upcoming PSP Chicago event (28%). The upcoming Millennium event pulled 13% and was the only other option that managed double digits. (A testament to VFTD's global pull.) Everything else tracked in single digits including a new hopper, a new gun, a video or two. The largest of the single digit choices (6%) was the PE series video featuring, who else?, Dynasty.
From this we might glean that the big tournaments still command the most attention. And at the rate we're going perhaps one day soon we'll be able to recreate the excitement tourney ball generated in 1998.


Anonymous said...

No voting option for shitty teammates who have no money and thus, affect my practice?

Anonymous said...

First, can I be your sponser to help get ya thru rehab, better give me some of that Don Julio and expired pain killers so I can feel your pain and gain the understanding needed in your time of crisis.. Great choice of tequlia by the way.
So I think you could add 100 more things to the list and thats just makes the excuss list longer of why not to play. Money, girls and and our own industry for me a the 3 biggest reasons players slack off.
So the easy one is (1) money, ya all can figure that one out. (2) "Girl" Had money, spent it on a girl, got no money....hmmmm. (3)Do we as an industry that sends the right message . I know everyone can thow there opion on this, for me I like what Tippmann did with there recent promo,,, very positive.. Look at the Frank and Olli issue ..The Cali-foor-nia issue... When Talking to players or groups this is what I pick up on or the hot topic's if you will.. So to speak did we sell it, enough, so that players return. Partys and players will all say they had a great time ...?? Number 3 may be a bit of a differnt awnser that you were looking for,maybe too deep,, that being said (4)is to much tequila.. hey today is Tuesday, "Tequila Tuesday" yeah.. VFTD readers are well informed thanks Paul

Reiner Schafer said...

Yeah, there probably are another 100 things that could be on the list. A big one for many is home and yard maintenance. All those chores you need to get done (or your wife feels you ought to get done). And then there is the mortgage payment. Do I make the mortgage payment or do I go play paintball? Maybe I'll have to stay home this month and keep the bill collectors off my back.

Anonymous said...

Gardening is a big one for me. No way I'm playing ball if there's gardening to be done.

Anonymous said...

Baca said,
I hate Blogger--but that's beside the point and not totally true. I'm just ungrateful that my completely free blog site still isn't working properly after the big meltdown of 2011.
You have found me out. It's all about attitude, isn't it?
Anon #1--my sincerest apologies and condolences. BTDT. It should have been the list in one form or another.
Anon #2--I'll have to make sure there isn't a conflict with a pre-existing sponsor. I'm currently on the 3-step program.
It seems to be working.

While not a big fan of the the industry I wonder if it isn't more along the lines of a life cycle of player interest. Not for everyone but perhaps for most.

Reiner--No doubt. I was trying to generalize some areas.

Anon #3--you know what they say, it isn't gay if you're wearing a hat.

k. said...

2x for "teammates who have no money and thus, affect my practice"

Also lack of speedball fields, resulting a lack of players.

Reiner Schafer said...

or is it the other way around k.? Lack of players resulting in lack of speedball fields? Your 2 teammates may be an example of that problem.

I couldn't imagine there aren't willing entrepreneurs out there to supply venues if it were a worthwhile endeavor.