Monday, June 6, 2011

The Monday Poll

Thank God for California. VFTD was going to cancel The Monday Poll this week and then the Cali legislature came thru in a big way with (another) asinine bill aimed, this time, at "guns" that look like real guns and could, if not immediately, include paintball markers as the people's representatives focus on the important issues of the day as the state sinks into a sea of red ink along the (de)fault lines of billions of borrowed dollars.
Instead of predicting whether this bill will become law in one form or another VFTD wants to know what you think of it right now. In some respects it's not unlike what happened in Germany last year with anti-paintball legislation put up in the aftermath of a school shooting (if I recall correctly.) Fortunately wiser heads prevailed but German PBIndustry also made a concerted effort to educate & resist.
(To check out the PBN thread on this subject the link is in the post title.)
Will this week's poll resonate with the lazy slackers that are the VFTD polling pool? Only time will tell. Are you afraid? Angry? Apathetic? Alliterative? Get a fifth grader to help you choose the answer that best fits how you feel about this pending Cali legislation--and vote!

Monday Poll in Review
As I predicted you are all a jaded bunch of lazy slackers--is that really a prediction or a simple fact?--and found a poll about the NPPL as exciting as most of you find the actual league. Even so, I think the poll had some merits--even if it too was predictabe in the results. The poll was straightforward and simple; How is the NPPL doing? The resulting answers were not sustainable facts but opinions, perceptions. And as such perhaps worthwhile to such an inbred and august body like the self-appointed Inner Circle or Brain Trust of the NPPL. Perhaps more to the point than the low voting turnout is the wide spread apathy the low turnout indicates compared to polls that excite the voters interest. (Yeah, now I'm just rubbing it in.)
VFTD kept the poll answers as neutral as possible with a range of poor, fair, average, good & excellent. Interestingly enough 6 voters think the NPPL is doing an excellent job--which just happens to match the number of members on the Brain Trust. (That was a joke. I don't know how many members the Brain Trust has but if it's more than six maybe they need to take a loyalty oath.) Anyway, 53% answered poor or fair. 27% went with average which means that 80% of all votes thought the league was average or worse than average. 10% said it was good and part of the Brain Trust voted their efforts as excellent to the tune of 8%.
No real surprises and not much interest either. Of course the league is coming off the rousing success of the Chitown bikini contest and there might be rumors of a wet T-shirt contest in the works for DC. (No, not really. That's called sarcasm, kids.)

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