Thursday, June 9, 2011

Support CFP

I know California is the latest paintball in crisis lead story what with the potentially all-encompassing not-a-real-gun-looks-like-a-gun law pending but there is also another, similar but on a smaller scale situation in Florida that threatens the state's top tournament paintball site--and a family (and employees) dedicated to our sport. Looking at this week's poll about the Cali situation it's clear that it hasn't grabbed the paintballing public's imagination as, perhaps, it ought. (The current vote total is low average which means the subject is of limited interest to VFTD readers. Why is a different question and open to diverse opinions.) Here in Florida it seems some "neighbors" of CFP (Central Florida Paintball) have filed complaints about the noise and the issue will be addressed by county commissioners in July. For more nuts & bolts details look here and send an email or letter. (Links and instructions provided.) If you are from the central Florida area and can appear at the hearing a large show of solidarity would help give the commissioners an idea of how important CFP is to so many. If you play tourney ball in the southeast you've probably been to CFP. If you've participated in the NCPA Nationals you've been to CFP. If you're a tourney player from Florida you've competed and practiced at CFP. Additionally there is a Facebook page Save CFP you can join to add your voice to those hoping to keep CFP. I know you're a lazy slacker and even a sniff of activism goes against the grain--but take five minutes and take action anyway. Support CFP. Surprise yourself--and make a difference. Thanks.