Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. C & The HB Seven

Poor Mr. Curious. In another run of bad luck he's voluntarily committed himself for observation and rest. It seems he's having this recurring dream that's ruining his life. (Nothing to do with ESPN3.) Night after night it's the same thing. Over and over and over. In the dream he's an improvisational performer and member of a troupe in a post apocalyptic world being hunted down by both the remorseless machines (intent on crushing all life on Earth) and the remaining remnant of humanity that is highly critical of the troupe's sense of humor. It may seem an odd dream but it's really quite common. I've had that dream myself a few times.

Anyway, in the calming and subdued environment of the hospital Mr. C was able to gather his thoughts long enough to pass along a little nugget of information about some NPPL refs. Given that there has been some concern expressed in a few places over the extremely limited numbers and poor performances of the refs at the Chicago NPPL (not to mention restoring previously fired refs) Mr. C thought his story might help explain some of the league's present difficulties. Apparently a group of seven refs from the grandstand field at Huntington Beach were discovered using part of their lunch break for a medicinal smoke--if you get my drift. League officials were informed and requested the info be kept on the low down. The seven apparently finished the event and were then told their services would no longer be required--or something along those lines.

Which makes for an excellent behind-the-scenes story but doesn't really explain the league's struggle to provide 20 plus competent refs an event.


Don Saavedra said...

You guys expect these refs to deal with paintball players while they are SOBER?!?

That begs the question: what are YOU smoking?

Anonymous said...

Don wins.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of other leagues are capable of fielding 20 refs on a regular basis. There's no excuse for NPPL not to be able to, even if they canned 7 of them two months ago.

Anonymous said...

So the story is, NPPL had refs who were reffing while high.

They then managed to find refs that were even worse.

Who says NPPL can't accomplish something?

Anonymous said...

Baca, this is the collective consciousness of paintball.. . aka todays society.

welcome to the world my friend. . .we call it entitlement. Everyones opinion, personal choices, and take on ANYthing (from the ridiculously inane upward) is golden.

Now IF you disagree, then your a douche. And why do i need the facts? In my infinite wisdom ive surmissed all the possibilities and settled on the correct view...MINE!

THIS is where we are. the league does what it wants, refs do what they want, players do what they want. why would there ever be a need to work together, when i can be an island unto myself and pass my personal judgement on everything and everyone and always be right???

now some idiot(s) might find this view selfish and short sighted, but thats ok, why? because i know im right... and besides, EVERYONE's doing it.

so to recap: paintball consciousness-welcome-i am entitled-opposers are douches-idiots disagree-im right-everyone's doing it

i think that about covers it.

Anonymous said...

If the high refs in HB were doing a better job then the non-high refs in Chitown, then how about the NPPL hand out blunts to all the ref in DC! Problem solved!

PS. If any of those refs has valid California prop 215 recs, what's the big deal? 1/2 the players out here in Cali play high on a regular basis anyhow. It's much to do about nothing. This is paintball, not professional football...

Anonymous said...

If refs are not drinking they are smoking. Doh. Pick your poison.

Anonymous said...


What do ya say you and i setup our own
'command post' just beyond the paint truck.
we can smoke a bowl before we coach our matches.

we can take the field all chill and shit. . .and we will be so locked in with our play calling, you wont suffer thru one comeback loss and i wont call the same play thats not working twice.

then near the end of the day, we can hit it again at tha 'post' cause people really dont understand how stressful calling plays and rotations can be on a coach.

Its a good gameplan baca, cause even if neither of win, we came to party. afterall, thats what its all about right. . . .right??

besides, EVERYONE's doing it.

Anonymous said...

lol, "low down" he he