Monday, June 27, 2011

The Monday Poll

Okay, in the aftermath of CA SB 798 specifically removing paintball markers from the pending legislation everybody in Paintball breathed a sigh of relief. But that's hardly the end of the bill, or the potential for other states to pick up the issue in the future--or for Airsoft to try and throw Paintball under the bus. (Title is the link to a story and comments over at the Big Bullet.) So it seems the Airsoft kids are a wee bit unhappy that Paintball separated itself from the other targets of the bill in question. As a result the Airsoft Safety Foundation has gone on the offensive with much of their ammo aimed at Paintball.

What should Paintball do next?

You know the routine; blah blah blah vote.

Monday Poll in Review
Obviously last week's poll didn't set the (paintballin') internet on fire--nor did I expect it to--but if, when, the occasional poll is less than insightful and thought-provoking you could you know, fake it. What do I mean, fake it? Ask your girlfriend.
Anyway, the whole point--until it was undercut in comments almost immediately (Thanks, Reiner)--was going to be that reasons aren't all that different from excuses and in reality your self-professed love of paintball is pretty poor evidence of love. I mean if you loved your pets as much as it turns out you love paintball Fido is a shaggy skeleton on the side of some anonymous stretch of road.
The numbers don't matter. I don't care. You don't care. The big draws were school, jobs & girlfriends. Whatever. See, I can treat The Monday Poll as badly as you lot frequently do. Not much fun is it? The fact is I do all the heavy lifting and all you have to do is vote once a week on a lame poll. Bite me.


Anonymous said...

much of their ammo is too small to leave a mark.

Anonymous said...

Wat is this? This is not why I f5 vftd.

Demanding PSP Chicago post mortem blog post!

Please. With sugar.

Anonymous said...

troll the airsofters...send pbn's ST at 'em...get rid of their industry and make it our own.

Missy Q said...

We should do what the airsofters would do if they were taken off the bill and paintball were still on it....

basically, gloat and pat ourselves on the back while making amusing comments at their expense, detailing how wierd we believe airsoft(ers) to be.

Failing that, we could do what Jesus would do. I don't know what that is, but I heard on TV that Jesus and Moses used machine-guns to defeat the Romans at Medieval Times, so I have to imagine he'll come down on our side fosho.

jim said...

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