Thursday, October 22, 2009

Facebook, My Space, Yada Yada Yada

Mick over at T-Square reminds me--with his post today--that I meant to address this a while ago and it got lost in the daily grind--as many things seem to do.

Once upon a time I set-up a Facebook account intending it for an unrelated to paintball use that never materialized and as a consequence I forgot about it. Except when I periodically get emails about somebody or other who wants to be my friend. These queries tend to be about 95% paintball related. Which I, in response, have tended to promptly ignore because most of the time I've no idea who the person is and/or they are fronting some paintball biz that's just gonna spam me. Well, for whatever reason I received a spate of these requests for friendship recently and as I recognized a name or two figured I'd accept and see what happened. What happened was a whole other load of friend requests from friends of friends clogging up my email. As a consequence I've mostly decided it's an insidious plot to inundate me with largely anonymous cyber-buddies ... and I ain't having any.

I'm reasonably sure there is no My Space account and I'm positive I'd rather be dipped in honey and staked out over a fire ant hill than Twitter. It is conceivable I might do something with VFTD in one of those sorts of forums in the future but unlikely. So please, if you've tried unsuccessfully to befriend me don't take it personally if I didn't respond and in the rare instances where I did please don't expect me to try and keep up or respond through that forum 'cus it probably ain't gonna happen.

I do however answer all my VFTD email and don't mind in the least being contacted directly.

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