Monday, October 26, 2009

The Monday Poll

For the rare few actually paying attention, yes, I pulled last week's poll early. What really happened however is that last week when I set it up I neglected to take into account I was posting it late. What can I say? You get a little older and it takes more than 24 hours to get the Vegas out of your system. Anyway, it wasn't a high interest poll for reasons I'll get into in the review below.

This week's topic is easy, highly speculative, probably partisan and so simple a squid could do it while sleepwalking. Which teams will be playing semi-pro in the PSP next season? Lots of talk and not much substance out there right now. Just the way we like it so now is the time to test your ability to prognosticate (sounds better than blind, dumb luck guess, doesn't it?) and/or your insider knowledge with a Monday Poll. You can pick as many teams as you like from the list--so you get to cast more than one vote (if you're from Chicago that'll seem normal)--and if you pick 'Other' please include who you had in mind in the comments. I feel compelled to remind you that many teams, particularly in the higher divisions, when arbitrarily propelled upward by the PSP tend to fall apart. (Okay, it isn't arbitrary but it might as well be since the primary purpose isn't about merit or excellence or earning it.) And that the notion currently floating around that some NPPL Pro teams are considering joining the used-to-be-called-xball fun makes competitive but not business sense (to me) but who cares? I say run with it while the running is good. The list is ridiculously long but if it only included the obvious it wouldn't be much fun, would it? There are some CPL teams and some NPPL teams not already playing in the PSP. And of the lower division PSP teams only Fierce and CEP players will be reclassified from D1 to semi-pro but who knows who else might jump in. Oh, and I've included last year's regulars too. Will they be staying, bumping up or fading away? You decide.

Monday Poll in Review
I'd like to say this poll ruffled a few feathers 'cus I'd come off as edgy and dangerous (and maybe even cool) but so much for wishful thinking. A look at the total number of votes is a clear indicator the poll didn't attract much attention. I think there's probably two principle reasons why. Many aren't that interested in the NPPL 3.0 (the league formerly known as the USPL) and most are hesitant (even anonymously) to offer an opinion on technology that frequently isn't all that well understood. Even by serious ballers. I'll leave it to you to decide which had a greater impact.
Of those that did vote on the idea of a league certified gun board the results were 31% generally positive and 64% generally negative. Of particular interest in the negative votes was the fact that the potential for added cost to the player wasn't a significant factor as it garnered only 8% of the votes. For those of you scoring at home that's 2 to 1 who broadly don't see a league certified board as a step in the right direction. But while it's all well and good to test which way the wind is blowing (it must be 'cus everybody in DC does it all the time, right?) public opinion doesn't tell us anything about the actual merits.

So is a league certified board a good idea or isn't it? Before that can be answered we need to know the intended purpose. If , for example, the notion is to standardize gun performance as a further measure for leveling the playing field that's one thing. If the idea is seen as a method to improve enforcement of the rules that's something else again. In either case the predicate is the highly dubious (if not outright delusional) notion that modern electropneumatic markers can be regulated (and policed) for "real" semi-automatic functionality as the state of the art currently stands. Or if, at some point in time, tamper resistant technology can effectively monitor the operating technology in such a way that the benefit outweighs the cost and complexity involved. Regardless the primary objective is preserving so-called semi-auto play and that is the crux of the problems all the versions of the NPPL have had with consistent rules enforcement and/or the perception of fair play when it comes to gun performance.


Mike said...

I assume the poll question meant what teams will play the entire season in Semi Pro and I answered accordingly.
Otherwise (if we let ambiguity rule), I would say Trauma could come back for an event like they did in 2009, as well as Euro Teams for 2010 World Cup.

Miller said...

As I'm sure Baca already knows, Fierce will have a semipro team for all events next season. (barring some sort of financial catastrophy). Incidentally, have you confirmed that only CEP and us are being bumped up? Any word on the reclassification of the other divisional teams?

I can provide some information on some of the D1 teams on interest. CEP has been recently disbanded by their previous owner Craig Williams. Most of the CEP players have plans to merge with the Palm Beach Vipers. I assume the core of former D1 CEP players will form the bulk of the formerly dis-banded Palm Beach semipro team. The latter sentence is speculation, but I know Ken was looking for a fresh start for the PBV Semipro squad. The D1 Palm Beach Venom team could possible toss their hat into the mix as well, but their results as cup may lead them to stay in D1. Friends on Raiden have indicated to me that they are going Semipro, and I'm sure they have the money to handle the jump. DBS is probably considering jumping because they were very succesful in their two D1 events. However, I dont know if financial limitations will prevent them from playing a full season.

I also hope that more "NPPL 2.0/3.0" or whatever teams will join semipro. I was dissapointed to see so few traditionally NPPL-oriented teams join the PSP in 2009. Semipro could be extremely interesting if their are 10-15 teams in the mix every event.

Baca Loco said...

According to the current classification rules only Fierce and CEP "qualified". However, since ranking is actually player-based there might be some players who would also meet the standard and be reclassified even if the team they played for isn't.

And, yes of course, I'd heard Fierce was planning on making the move. If there's anything I can do you know where to find me.