Monday, October 5, 2009

The Monday Poll

I was planning on being a lazy slacker this week--what with Cup activities--and skip The Monday Poll but in good conscience I just couldn't do it. No really. (Remember, next week will be the World Cup Losers poll.) Truth is I had nothing and I was okay with that. In fact I was planning on running with it and blaming too much Cup stuff to do--and then I had an idea.

There's been lots of talk about the PSP's webcast. The majority is positive but talk is just that, talk. So with this week's poll I'm interested in digging a little deeper. Tell the truth. (Anonymous confession is ramification free. What more could you want?) I also want to encourage everyone who is serious about competitive paintball to dial the webcast up every day it's available. Most of the time there isn't much we can do about the current state of affairs. With the webcast however you can make a difference. Numbers matter. It's free. It's the world's best paintball on display. On the downside it's a little harder than voting in The Monday Poll--and I know what a challenge that can be. Still. buckle down and do your part. Hey, you don't even have to watch. Just sign up and let's see if we can burn their bandwidth to the ground.

Monday Poll In Review
You crazy kids never cease to surprise me. Given the percentage of voters who only voted once--despite being able to choose as many options as you wish--the lack of cynicism is remarkable. Or, I could be misreading the intent of the voters. For example, a vote for Disney (as a WC winner) implies that Disney was looking to get rid of paintball but did it in the non-confrontational way of pricing it out of the market. Or perhaps in a way in which nobody could be accused of turning down money in a struggling tourist/entertainment economy. But does a vote for the PSP imply a win for the PSP at somebody else's expense? I don't think so but a voter might have seen it differently. The factoid though that both the PSP and Players choices are the leading vote getters suggests to me most of you hard-working voters are responding sincerely. Nice try but I'm not falling for it.


Anonymous said...

Disney was the clear winner in all of this. Perhaps the Orlando area as a whole is the winner. World Cup in Orlando was an amazing time, but paintball players destroy what ever we are given. I'm not saying holding a national event in your town is like having a hell's angels convention, but it certainly isn't a pleasant option.

A venue like fantasy of flight and the town/city of Polk, Florida is happy to have our money in return for some soapy fountains and ruined grass.

Unfortunately Disney doesn't need our money like that. They wised up and moved on. They won. Whether we lost only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I live in europe so watching PSP webcasts is quite popular among the ballers I know. However, I would gladly pay 20$ for PSP weekend if it guaranteed even better image quality, reserved bandwith and longer shows/interviews.

There should be a watch for free option and ability to pay for more content/services and reruns during the weekend.

Anonymous said...

The problem, is everyone that would gladly pay $20 for more is that your $20 will only pay for 1/10th of what you already get. So asking for even more coverage/quality/expense and paying a fee that does not even cover the costs now doesn't really make sense. If you want them to charge a market price that covers their costs, and makes a profit so they can continue to invest in the future and offset for future rainy days, then they'd need to charge a lot more.

ps - this is assuming that the PSP webcast is like any other market and that charging for the PSP webcast would cause a decrease in viewship--obviously all 3000 people wouldn't sign up to pay $20 or even $2ea.

Don Saavedra said...

I'm pointing at my nose right now.

Baca Loco said...

Yes, but can you walk a straight line at the same time?