Friday, October 9, 2009

World Cup Friday

Short and sweet today, kids. On Wednesday Jeff Stein from the Canes was suggesting we might as well petition for an event in Death Valley. (He was joking. Sorta.) Well, no need. Death Valley can't possible be much hotter. And then there's the paintball action. So fast, so brutal, so uncompromising players and refs alike are dropping like flies. Matches are more than paintball under these conditions. They are tests of endurance stamina and desire and players are pushing themselves to the limits and sometimes beyond. On one level it's awesome and on another--saner level--it's just plain nuts.

On the pro field today it was the quarterfinal elimination round with pairs of teams playing a best two out of three for a chance at the semis. Each round went only two matches as Philly beat Shock, Legion downed X-Factor, Ironmen took Aftermath and Damage beat Dynasty. Damage was the only team from the prelim round to make the semis and that action begins tomorrow at 9:40 am. Tune in and see survival of the fittest championship paintball.

Later Slackers

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Anonymous said...

Your making me feel so much better about missing cup this year. Thank you Baca!!