Saturday, October 10, 2009

World Cup Saturday

Another short report. Congrats to the semi final winners in the pro and semi-pro brackets; Red Legion (who I've nicknamed The Machine), Philly and Vicious & Aftermath. Congrats too to XSV and Nexus who will playing for semi-pro third tomorrow. As will Damage and the Ironmen in the pro division. It's not what any of them came to Cup for but third is better than fourth.

There's a few items coming from Cup worth discussing--like yellow paint and yellow jerseys--but now isn't the time. I'll come back to this kind of stuff with a season ending wrap-up, probably after Vegas.

Otherwise today was a big improvement weather-wise. While still hot and humid it wasn't debilitating like the previous days--though I saw a few players down for the count none looked serious.

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