Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Weekly Update

First word I've received from on site at Fantasy of Flight is that the fields look outstanding and the grass surface is in excellent condition. (Of course it's still out in the boonies and will continue to require a few minutes of highway driving so I expect the whiners will continue to find it unacceptable on some level. Btw, while I'm in favor of our events having some non-paintballing outreach I'm inclined to believe that the webcast has about 1000 times the potential of hanging out in parking lots, whether they be at DisneyWorld or NFL stadiums.)

The PSP is touting 300+ (and I predicted last week the final numbers would break 300) but according to the APPA registration page WC is at 298 teams with a handful of D2 Sat-Sun teams unpaid but there registration remains open. So, either APPA is behind the curve or the league is being slightly optimistic with respect to the numbers. No biggy but I'm not a fan of the appearance of fudging.

Over at NPPL 3.0 there's still a couple of days to (officially) get registered and paid for the Vegas finale. Currently 98 teams are registered (not including the pros) and 53 of those have paid. In the last week it looks like the biggest move has been from 5-man teams. 7-man participation continues to look weak even as the NPPL Kids got ahead of the curve with the early confirmation of the 2010 HB event. (Granted, without my glasses I could have missed the fine print but I didn't notice any mention of 7-man in that HB announcement.)
UPDATE: mention of both 7-man & 5-man was in the announcement. I don't consider it an error on my part however 'cus y'all were warned.

Across the pond in Millennium Land the open divisions have finally shown some signs of quivering life as D2 registration is up to 2 teams and M5 has made a move up to 7 teams. Clearly that extra cash on the barrelhead offer is working like a charm. Can anyone doubt the runaway success of the Turkish Experiment? And come to think of it if a failure to sign up early and often encourages more money to be tossed into the prize pot in the lowest divisions of play ... I'm seeing an opportunity. Just saying.

Lastly (and certainly least) the Modest Tour--formerly called the Grand Tour--has all of 11 teams lined up for the season finale in sunny Greece. Oopah!


Anonymous said...

"no mention of 7-man in the HB 2010 announcment."

Lulwat? So NPPL will go to X-ball as we know it? 6-man? (A BALL?)

Remember the rumour that came out before Phonix was announced that PSP would be switching to 6-men on the field for the season? I thought that was kinda a crazy rumour... Makes you think of how inexact this paintball thing is. I mean the sport as we know it is no more then 15 years old (as we know it being up to debate).

Anonymous said...

The flier says

"Don't miss out on the most popular paintball event in the world! Massive trade show on the beach, thousands of spectators, teams from around the world competing in 5man and 7man divisions from beginner to professional."

So unless they change there minds in the next few months its gonna be 7man mania again. You had me all excited that there might be some new format out there.

Baca Loco said...

Sorry Frank
You are correct but I did warn you--and it still took me a while to spot. Left my glasses at home.

Don Saavedra said...

The only important thing I have to report is that Tampa Bay Damage broke in to my condo and tried to hijack it.

Luckily I had my View From the Deadbox Puppet Army Tshirt on, and I was able to persuade them to chase lizards around instead. Those kids are quick!

Also, the webcast is going to be great! Tune in to watch Damage and the other teams race for the Championship!

spree- said...

One of your poll buttons should have been; love it, when it actually works.

Anonymous said...

Spree a lot of time and money goes into the webcast and considering the fact that its free and better then any of the other options available. I'd take an occasionally buggy webcast over none anyday. Great work Don and crew

Anonymous said...

I think spree's comment is a fair criticism; it has been VERY buggy this year, but it is great.