Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preview of the 2009 Paintball Year in Review

This post is not--full stop--not the 2009 Paintball Year in Review. Or even the beginning of that post or posts. It is, in fact, this lazy slacker's means of avoiding starting the actual review. But it also may serve a real purpose as well. That depends on you.

The Paintball Year in Review will focus purely on competitive paintball as that is the guiding topic of VFTD. It will broadly cover the 3 major leagues; PSP, NPPL & MS. It will touch on some industry trends like 50 cal and others that impact competitive paintball, like sponsorship and the general economy, Smart Parts post mortem and the continuing trend toward consolidation. The Big Leagues portion will highlight assorted aspects that strike my fancy (seem to be particularly relevant) like the PSP webcast or the future of the 7-man format. There will probably, almost certainly, be other (value added) stuff crammed in there as well. How could I resist taking another swipe at the PSP classification rules, for example?

However, besides offering y'all a brief preview the point of this post--other than putting off for another day the actual work of writing the Review post(s)--is to offer you an opportunity to suggest items or subjects you'd like to see addressed in the 2009 Paintball Year in Review.

(FYI--Failure on your part to participate does not absolve you from sharing responsibility for the final product. I'm just saying. The way it works is like this: VFTD provides the forum and opportunity to participate and whether or not you avail yourself of that opportunity the offer alone compromises your ability to object to any future content. Consider this a lesson in how Big Paintball operates--along with large chunks of the real world. Hey, you had to learn sometime.)


paintball sniper said...

Can't wait for the review.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can cover the pros and cons of the venues we saw this year?

I know the NPPL3 is a lost cause but if I'm going to pay for plane tickets across the country at least the Nppl has chosen some places worth going a day early for. The PSP has done the opposite. I'm not really sure about the MS, but they too must have had to battle with the question of do we pick someplace nice or someplace cheap. How has this affected things. I took a step back from nationals year to pay some bills and lick my financial wounds, so I don't really think I have a right to comment having not gone, but you have so I'm curious.

Baca Loco said...

There's always a chance. (I've even gotten my hands on your "prize"--the requested size--so it will actually be sent soon.) In fact it's an interesting idea.

Anonymous said...

woot woot can't wait.