Saturday, October 24, 2009

Name That American

Everybody knows American players litter Millennium rosters but just how many of them are there and just who are these players? I don't know about y'all but I'm curious. And it's not only the MS. There are more and more American players showing up on team rosters for events all over the world.

VFTD needs your help to do a couple of things. 1--name that American. Who are the players and who are they playing for? VFTD would like to compile a list of the Americans playing for other teams around the world and everyone who helps (by contributing info in comments) will qualify for a special VFTD prize drawing.

The other thing VFTD is interested in is how these arrangements are made. VFTD assumes that most of the time these deals are facilitated by shared sponsors. Help a blogger out and get entered into the special prize drawing.

UPDATE: While it comes as no surprise that y'all are a pack of lazy slackers I am somewhat surprised by either the near total lack of information on this topic out there or the complete indifference in which it is considered. Or perhaps both. I get why Americans yawn at over which players are playing the Mil but is the so-called growing Euro-parity really just anonymous Americans and European self-deception? Say it isn't so.


Anonymous said...

Millwhat? That league who has 40% nowshows currently in some remote country that no one wanted to play in? The millennium who has lost over 200 teams in couple years with awesome player supported changes like 10.5 ROF and field layouts that are so horribly stuffed in with bunkers. Better for spectators you know.. what spectators? What TV? What millennium?

Its a dead league if it dosn't start thinking what players want. New teams do not want to compete there. Keep on coming with the lower rof's, even more spectator friendly, less player friendly fields and rules and its done for.

Crusificton said...

Simple one:

Ollie Lang - Budapest Bullets

Anonymous said...

From markie c off

Dogs D Amour Thessaloniki:
davey williamson, glen takomoto

Budapest bullets:
Ollie lang, Mr U

Ugly ducklings:
Justine cornel some other's dont know names.

lisbon benfica:
Nicky Cuba

Reading entity:
Travis from CP

Mallorca Madness:
Bobby from aftermath.

Some of X factor are playing not sure for what team though. and their are loads of other as well not sure on names and teams though, one of them is SK Moscow though.

Hope this helps.

Mike said...

Copenhagen Ducks always has guest players from Edmonton Impact.

In Turkey I believe it's Josh Ouimet, Zach Yachimec, and Justin Cornell.

In the past Anthony Faiazza, Josh Davey, Zane Yachimec, and Johnny Thompson have all guested for them as well.

And for the record, they're Canadian ;)

Crusificton said...

Do you have to be part of a millennium team to see their rosters?

Portox said...

Portox from

Jon Millman - Gotcha

Someone from Bushwhackers?? - Disruption Occasionally

Play American Ball but aren't American -

Hugo Dominguez - Lisbon Benfica
Mikko Huttanen - Lisbon Benfica

Anonymous said...

Mikko Huttunen,Ironmen does not play for Benefica, He sometimes play for Nexus

Mike said...

Doesn't Scott Kemp play for Benefica?
Or at least he has.

Anonymous said...

Yep Scott Kemp played for Benfica. Nicky Cuba did too.