Friday, May 14, 2010

Enlistments for the Week

Y'all don't make world domination easy. But that's okay. The DPA (Deadbox Puppet Army)--see the sidebar (d'oh!)--is pleased to report two new recruits this week.
VFTD welcomes Mike (Yo, Mike) & dave skeen (hey dave) to the ranks of the DPA.

As for the rest of you lazy slackers it's not if but when. World domination may seem like an impossibility, it's not; it's an inevitability. Take your cue from dave. He didn't bother with an avatar or anything fancy and I bet it took only a minute so there's no excuse. It's simple really, join the DPA or be a forgotten footnote in the annals of history. No pressure.

UPDATE: Not that I'm about name dropping but there's a new recruit today jumped on board. One of the original wild & crazy kids, T-Hump, Tyler Humphrey. No fancy avatar, no flashy look at me. Go on, check it out. Hey, T, wassup? Thanks and say hey to everybody.

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