Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Poll in Review

Last week's question wanted to know what was your first introduction to paintball. The responses were fairly typical but instructive nonetheless. For all the Average Joe Ballers out there clamoring for friends taking friends to play paintball--you were right. It was the number one response by a huge margin. More people were introduced to paintball by a friend than the next three largest vote getters combined. And if friends bringing friends to play paintball is by far and away the most commonplace method how many local fields encourage the practice with special promotions and/or discounts? (I have no idea. But back when dinosaurs roamed the earth I don't recall the local field(s) I played at doing stuff quite like that. It was more like discounts based on past purchases or group related discounts.)
Anyway, rounding out the votes magazines garnered 5% as did TV (5%) with other media straggling in at 2%. Parties (16%), Outings (12%) & Other (14%) rounded out the other significant vote recipients. Some percentage of "Other" votes probably could have gone into one of the defined categories as well but mostly seemed to amount to stumbled across paintball from something seen or read or from a friend or acquaintance.

So who's going to organize a national Take a Friend to Play Paintball Day?

For the observant among you--Yes, you've guessed correctly and there is no new Monday Poll this week. If you've got an idea or are curious about something feel free to post up your Monday Poll suggestions in the comments. Or you could go crazy and comment on the post. Just throwing it out there.


Missy Q said...

I have one.
You have covered new people entering the game, what about older paintball types leaving the game, or not playing as much.

What woudl motivate these players to go out and have a game again. It seemsd to me that the only place they want to play is at D-Day etc, where they get a new(ish) experience. maybe you could make a poll out of that somehow?
Also, when you get these player profiles, they should have to tell us a joke. We should then be able to grade the player based on the joke they tell. I'm not talking about an inside joke either, I'm talking a good, honest, 'stand-up-comedy' joke, that should make us laugh.

J-Bird said...

i agree with the standup.



Reiner Schafer said...

I would argue that a group discount encourages friends to invite friends.

Baca Loco said...

Maybe it does. How many or how few constitutes a group? Do I have to bring 7, 10, a dozen peeps to qualify?
Just seems to me that in an era when every baller counts does the threshold need to be that high?

Reiner Schafer said...

One thing we have done and will do again (and I know other fields do it as well), is sell books of passes. We sold 10 passes with rentals and lunch included for $35 (so $3.50 each pass). This encouraged the purchasers to invite lots of people as it was a one time $35 payment, but let the purchaser treat his/her friends with no further cost. Friends get to play for free (they have to buy paintball of course) and the host cmes across as being the generous good guy. We got a LOT of new faces at the field with this marketing plan.

A "bring a new player to the field" promo is good too. The field would need to have some kind of computerized database to ensure the new player is actually new, or it gets abused by players that will just use them as a 2 for 1 (not that that may be all that bad)