Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Major League Paintball on Suicide Watch

Short and sweet today, kids, 'cus I'm busy filling out permit forms. Need more guns and a zoning waiver so I can put razor wire on top of my security fence. (The paperwork is brutal.) And this is just phase one. Alternatively I wonder if I can emigrate to Bermuda? Hmm.

The not so Grand Tour's Italy event across the lagoon from Venice (probably) went off without issue last weekend. I say probably because there's no scores, no results, no reports or anything else posted at the GT website regarding their first event of the season. (The scores are posted at pblivescores.com for those of you who can't wait to find out what happened.) The Grand Tour--working hard to keep the "not so" alive and kicking. In the pro division Syndicate dropped a match, the Bullets got thumped and inquiring minds want to know who the heck are the Carpathian Bears?
I'd like to hear from anyone who was there what they thought of the venue and event in general.

With less than 3 weeks to go until Bitburg the open divisions (D2, D3, M5) cumulative registration stands at 15 teams. I expect more to jump in as the days draw down and it will be interesting to see how little support Bitburg gets from the German teams. Also no word from the MS or the effected locked division teams on the apparent "plan" for resolving the Malaga mess as noted in last week's MLP update. Either the MS options seemed fair and reasonable to all involved or the teams continue to get what they deserve.

NPPL Chicago is the final weekend of May and while it's been suggested the league would soon--prior to last weekend--release rosters so folks can see who is planning on playing as of this writing that hadn't yet happened. No point in speculating although it seems to me the longer the league waits the greater the likelihood the numbers aren't all that positive.

PSP Chicago 5-man registrations remain soft, very soft. If I recall correctly the typical registration trend was that 5-man teams usually signed up early, excited by the prospect of participation because it was a one off or first of the year with actual entry payments coming much later as teams either realized they weren't going to manage or finally scrapped the needed funds together. I don't if that has been the norm but it seems like it has. (Faction [raehl] may know better.) Anyway of the 123 teams registered 75% are Race 2-X which could put this year's xball turnout slightly ahead of last year but both Chicago and WC have had outsized turnouts largely on the basis of 5-man participation in recent years.


Anonymous said...

I have played against Carpathian Bears October 2008 in Riga and then there was player called Konstantin Federov (ex-AA, Red Legion).
So bears might have some legionnaires in their roster??


Baca Loco said...

Thanks Juice

Anonymous said...

Carpathian Bears - 3 RL players - Fedorov, Solneshkov, Berdnikov. And others players from Ukraine (some big money guys) :)