Friday, May 14, 2010

Keeping It Real

If you stopped by looking for a new Pro*file check back tomorrow. (Yes, Friday is the regularly scheduled day when I have some and I do--but not today. I'ma little busy.) The Pro*file was getting bumped a day in order to post on this weekend's WCPPL field layout--which should play well except things may bog down a bit in the snake--only I simply don't have time to do it right and do it today. Should be posted Sunday (or Monday) so y'all playing the event can tell me if I got it right or not.

What I do want to comment on today is a conversation that occurred on one of my local sports talk radio channels while I was on the road earlier. The subject was LeBron James and what a loser he is. How he'll never be another Michael Jordan or even another Kobe Bryant even if he is a billionaire by the time he's thirty. The conversation annoyed me on so many levels it's hard to keep track of them all. How much I despise the star system that is the modern NBA; how much some sports figures are deified; how easily and superficially the same guys are then crucified and over the most trivial of things. How completely detached from reality do you have to be to see things that way? I guess that makes Mr. Local Sports Radio Talk Guy the ultimate loser 'cus he isn't ever going to win or lose anything of a similar nature while he pulls down that not-quite-a-major-market-afternoon slot-on-an-afterthought-station paycheck. And could somebody please tell me how many championships Mike won all by himself? Just what is it that affords the Jordans and Bryants and opportunity to be idolized? What if Jordan wasn't a basketball player? What if, instead he was a car salesman or a garbage collector?

Look, I agree with this much--if LeBron has to win a title carrying a team and a city on his back it isn't going to happen. It's foolish to believe otherwise because it doesn't happen--not even for Micheal Jordan. And James isn't Jordan. He doesn't have the iron will or the pathological self-confidence. Yet, despite appearances it remains a team game. But what's really at the bottom of all this? If Michael Jordan or LeBron James were paintball players some would still idolize them but mostly they'd be told to grow up, get a life, quit wasting their time and figure out before it's too late that paintball is a dead end.


papa chad said...

For how much I approve of Michael Jordan, he did seem to start the star system; not that I can blame him.

but what really gets to me is the plenty of unrecognized players in the shadow of "super star" players in paintball.

anonachris said...

Was it Mike who started the star system or Nike that made him a star? I blame Nike.

And since punk teenagers buy Nike, I blame the punk teens.

And since Chinese people make the Nikes I blame the Chinese.

And since the bad parents are the ones buying Nikes from the Chinese for their spoiled teenagers, I blame the parents.

So to recap, all of our ills are the fault of, big corporations, punk teenagers, bad parents, and the Chinese.

I say that in jest, but shockingly this same blame pattern can be applied to paintball.

papa chad said...

I think it was Jordan. complain a lot until you are shooting an amazing amount of free-throws per game. I think it works the same in paintball, be a loudmouth, get attention.

Don Saavedra said...

The "Star System" was created by the NBA in response to trying to replace what was lost when Magic and Larry stopped playing. It's exactly what happens when out-of-touch men in suits make all the decisions: not recognizing what it is that makes what they have great. Magic and Larry elevated their teams. THAT'S what went unrecognized and why we have people blaming LeBron for not winning or Kobe for not winning without Shaq or doing something so completely ignorant as to call Michael Jordan "the best that ever played."

Anonymous said...

I dont know who any of those people are?

Is this one of those sports that is so dull only the Yanks watch it?

Reiner Schafer said...

Hey! Hey Anon! Please remember that this sport was invented by a Canadian and if we weren't all so damn short, we'd be dominating this just like we dominate hockey. And even so, some of us short Canadians do pretty good. Go Steve Nash! (now there is star they can't turn into one of the Super Stars, cause he's just too damn humble...too Canadian.)