Monday, May 24, 2010

Mr. Curious Hears a Peep

There is this fellow in Montreal
Who imagines a paintball quite small
He was once a corporate whiz, genius and guru
Who liked strawberry but not chocolate Yoohoo
His latest idea he deems nifty
A paintball of caliber 50
But alas and a-lack it seems the public's too dim
To see the wisdom and profit behind GI Milsim

The word from Millenniumland is that Joy Division did not play with GI Milsim gats or with anything else shooting a 50 cal paintball but continued to shoot their traditional Angels. In related news it's reported that Boost Air Rennes, signed to exclusively shoot 50 cal, also didn't shoot small balls at Bitburg. No word on what guns they were using.

In other 50 cal in Euroland news Mr. C still can't find any official GI Milsim 50 cal marker sightings of guns for sale although there are reported to be Spyder 50 cal guns available to the paintballing public. (Reports are mixed. Some say there are guns in retailers hands, others say not, but it's hard to find confirmed units in players' hands.)

UPDATE: Mr. C's most diligent and prolific source in Euroland has discovered 2 players shooting 50 cal at Bitburg. They played for Consileum Dei's M5 entry and at least one of them was shooting a PE gun modified with the 50 cal kit. Go figure.


sdawg said...

Paintball Mart in San Antonio had a 50cal Spyder in their store a couple of months ago. I have never seen one in the field, however.

Anonymous said...

50. Cal Spyders in the hands of oasis paintball park in ft. myers florida. the guns shoot great. only problem is at 300fps you arent getting across the field and if so even with brittle paint its not going to break unless you hit hards parts. guns are quiet for being spyders.

Anonymous said...

Silent and harmless?

Anonymous said...

Joy wont be shooting 50cal despite the money changing hands to WDP and Joy. Word from Bitburg is that Joy will shoot GI Milsim guns at 'some stage this year' but they will be .68Cal versions!!