Tuesday, May 18, 2010

VFTD Needs You

I need your help. Yes, you. (Okay, maybe not you specifically but hear me out.) I'd like to hear from players, captains, owners of teams that have played 2 or more national events in the last two years but have not (yet) played a national event this year. Drop me a line at Baca's email if you would. I'd like to ask you a few questions. I will be posting on the responses but won't post any reply or comment for attribution without prior permission. Who better to help explain the current environment than the people and players who have been there and done that? And if you know somebody who fits the bill but isn't a regular reader please encourage them to participate as well.

Also, took care of a little light housekeeping. There were a few noticeable cobwebs gathering in the corners. I've added a new link to Paintball Sites Around The Web with Infopaintball. Looks like Vince has a bit of all sorts of things going on. I've also dropped a few Paintblogs due to extended periods of inactivity--and I could have cut the numbers further than I did--so if your paintblog is still there but you've been slacking I hope this encourages you to be more active. (Or else.) Besides, I could use the company.

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