Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Major League Paintball on Suicide Watch

In the MS Bitburg is done (although complete scores for Malaga still aren't available.) (Did the league complete Malaga or didn't they?) In the CPL Dympact won both events. The Millennium is about 6 weeks out from the next event, London Campaign Cup, over the Fourth of July weekend.
For related 50 cal news check out Mr. Curious from yesterday along with the comments.
One other item of interest that may or may not be Millennium related was the sudden notification of a new Asian series supposedly tied to the Millennium that was even more abruptly pulled within hours of being posted. PALS already has a relationship with the MS & PSP so the initial claims of the new group was curious at best but the most intriguing part was how quickly everyone disavowed the claims. Considering the pace the MS board routinely exhibit somebody must have lit a fire underneath them this time to respond as Bitburg was finishing up to a claim half way around the world. For more info hit the Villian Paintball link on the sidebar. It's probably nothing but ...

For the not so Grand Tour another week means another registered team. Lviv registration now totals 18 teams.

Chicago Badlandz is about a month away and the PSP has 104 teams registered for Race 2-X and 60 teams registered for Race 2-2. Xball numbers for a Chicago event are solid (assuming the majority pay and play) while 5-man numbers continue to lag despite recent gains. Still lots of time and no idea what last minute additions will total although it seemed like Phoenix didn't have the usual last minute influx of teams the PSP has seen in the past. The Semi-pro bracket continues to weaken with Vipers, Fierce and Raiden definitely out and Elevation rumored to be shaky. And of the teams currently registered most will not actually play. (VFTD opinion as there's always a couple of "pretend" contenders who register.)

This coming weekend is NPPL Chicago at CPX Challenge Park. Actual tournament schedule to begin Saturday (not Friday) due to Memorial Day weekend. Final registration including Pro teams is 73 according to data available on NPPL website. (The possibility of last minute additions always exists.) The breakdown is 11 pump teams, 13 Pro teams, 5 D4 (5--man), 3 D3 (5-man), 20 D3 (7-man), 17 D2 (7-man) & 3 D1 (7-man). While the league can't very well turn teams away running divisions of 5 and fewer teams at a national level event is problematic. I won't guess at what these numbers mean other than to reiterate my view they are likely a more accurate reflection of the NPPL as a whole than were the HB numbers. Regardless, in combination with Living Legends and the CPX venue it should be a great opportunity for Midwestern ballers to come out and enjoy some paintball.

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houdini said...

Responses from Millennium came via text message to PALS organisers... I have sought clarification via email from Mr Hamet of Millennium but as yet no reply... the promoter rivalry in Asia is on par with that of the States but this little incident is a little over the top even for Asia...