Friday, June 5, 2009

Ask the Coach

Episode 3--The Gear Bag

If you've got any ideas for future episodes post them up in comments, you lazy slackers.


SSRoman said...

future episode suggestion: how not to be a lazy slacker

sdawg said...

"Playing the Grey" -- I've read a lot about this important "skill" in some internet discussion forms. I'm guessing cheating plays a bigger role in paintball than cheating does in other sports?

"Looking cool." -- agg, gnar, whatever. This seems to be priority #1 for many competitive ballers

"Effectively blaming your teammates when you get shot" -- needs no explanation

"Dealing with deranged psychopaths who play paintball" -- I overheard one guy mentioning recently that one of their teammates is on probation for murder.

"explaining to your girlfriend/wife why you are covered in bloody welts" -- I needs some advice on this one, coach. "Because I suck at paintball" is not turning out to be a good answer.

Anonymous said...

how to deal with bad refs said...

I got a good laugh out of that one. Haha :)