Monday, June 29, 2009

The Monday Poll

Aight, last week's poll wasn't all that popular and it was, I confess, maybe not my best work but it ain't like you slackers are doing much to help a poor solitary blogger out, you know.
On to bigger and better er, polls. This week's Monday Poll asks the question: What puts the major in major league tournament series paintball? It's not a trick question and if you take a moment (or two) to think it over you might be surprised at what you decide.
Oh, and I'm giving you one last chance at the 'other' option with the request you explain what you mean if you vote other. Last time a couple of very clever slackers picked 'other' and no doubt thought it was hi-larious. Why, I'm laughing about it all over again it was so funny. Participate, it's your moral obligation.

Monday Poll Review
What kind of result did I expect when I ask an audience of mostly competition-oriented paintballers what kind of paintball they prefer or support? D'oh! It made a little more sense to me at the time and when I finally get around to the 'Paintball Diversity' post you may see where I was coming from. But seriously, no excuses, it was mediocre and I appreciate the effort some of y'all made to play along and vote. Like I always say (at least part of the time) your vote at VFTD is as important as your vote as a citizen of [fill in the blank.] If you think about it that's a sad commentary so I suggest you don't think about it.
Over 51% chose tournament and another 40% (18% & 22%) chose one form of rec ball and 6% chose scenario with the mil-sim crowd getting a big fat nada. Another actually curious thing I've noticed with these polls is the numbers seldom add up. The percentages equal 97% but that includes 100% of the actual votes. So somewhere in there the poll lost 3% to what were probably rounding errors--or at least, inconsistencies. Not unlike paintball officiating.


Missy Q said...

for those voting - the International Amatuer Open was one of THE Majors of the year = no pro participation.

Skyball - Major event - No Pro's (after the 1st year)

D-Day - no pro's

Invasion of Normandy - No Pro's

What makes them majors? The industry turn out en-masse.

Baca Loco said...

But is the industry support at those events because of their scale? Or did they get big becuase of the industry presence?
And IAO was a big industry event but it didn't last when the players stopped showing up.

Missy Q said...

It didn't last because she wanted $95/case and every other event had gone BYO. The pro's were brought in to do some showcase shxt to justigfy the paint price, and it didn't work. Until then it didn't matter about the pro's at all. They just went there to get wasted. Also - it was woodland, and at that time, everyone wanted sup-air.

So what made the industry attend? It was that there were a lot of teams (200 plus) and because they were the kind of teams that bought equipment, rather than wanted it for nothing.
It also served as an industry meet, which is what actually kept the event as a major for several years after the shine went away. Finally it moved venues so that it could offer Sup-air, and ironically that was the death of it, as this meant it was too far away from the Industry hotel, which was where we all wanted to stay.

Baca Loco said...

Oh, Missy, it's a sad day but I knew the siph was gonna catch up to you one day. Such a tragic waste, so unnecessary.
They may have been within sniffing distance of 200 teams back around 01 - 02 if you counted the 3-man teams. And the airball move was to preserve teams--though it didn't work, in part, because of the exhorbitant paint prices. But all you peeps at the Sheraton didn't show at the event anyway. Y'all just hung out in the bar and tried to find ways to undermine each other.

Janek said...

I think what really puts "major" in any event is the widespread industry support, which in turn is a result of the event having large numbers of players/attendees.

When looking at american paintball scene, you have 2(3) tournament events worth attending on a bigger scale and 2(3) scenario events.
I'm pretty sure almost everyone is able to name those 4(6) events.