Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Special: Paintball & the Law

As posted on the Nation and over at ProPaintball information has gone public on various lawsuits filed by Heckler & Koch (a manufacturer of real firearms) for an assortment of mostly trademark infringements against a number of Airsoft and paintball companies. In addition H&K has filed suits against two other arms manufacturers, Professional Arms and Cotarie Arms. All the suits I've seen so far date from December '08 thru June '09.

The really interesting bit--from a paintball perspective (okay, my paintball perspective) is that on May 18 Kee Action Sports filed a similar trademark infringement suit against Heckler & Koch. Did Kee file preemptively expecting a similar filing from H&K? Who knows?

Anyway, more thoughts on this latest spate of legal wranglings involving paintball tomorrow on Baca's Blog over at the Big Bullet.


Anonymous said...

Which is more likely?

Kee looked at the popular styles of HK firearms and replicated them in their paintball guns.


HK was so impressed by the design of the Mini that they just had to copy it in their forthcoming HKini?

I'm anxiously awaiting a big slap down on the paintball companies that have excitedly used the legal system to stiffle both real innovation and copycating in the paintball industry and these same paintball companies now find themselves under attack by a bigger fish for doing the same.

Anonymous said...

was it preemptive? or did it open a world of hurt because they sued first lol.

68caliber said...

one must remember that sometimes in the legal biz, suits are filed to achieve parity or level the field.