Monday, June 8, 2009

This Week at VFTD

Listed below is the likely schedule for this week's posts. Other stuff could come up but at a minimum these posts will be posted sometime on those days--even if I have to back date them--and, yes, I can do that. (I've done it before. It's the blogging equivalent of playing the grey.) (In fact I did it with this post--by about 45 minutes to keep 'The Monday Poll' on the top of the page.)

There is also the regular Monday post over at Baca's Blog on the Big Bullet. This week's post is about the latest batch of lawsuits to hit the industry.
UPDATE: It's been posted (finally) and it's called, 'Looking Down the Barrel.'

Monday– The Monday Poll
Tues– MLP Weekly Update
Wed– Paris field breakouts (or something quite like it)
Thurs– PSP Chicago layout: taking control, an option
Fri– Return of the Pro Loser
Sat & Sun are currently open--and I usually skip posting on Sundays. (To, eh, give y'all a chance to catch up if you missed a day or two. Yeah, that's the ticket.) (It's also so I can do Baca's Blog on Sundays but you already know it doesn't usually work out that way, don't you?)

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