Monday, June 8, 2009

The Monday Poll

Last week's poll on paintball and the World Games--I'm no longer even willing to suspend disbelief enough to acknowledge the claim it's a "demonstration" sport or has any actual connection to the World Games--pretty much mirrors a similar point of view with the overwhelming numbers of votes (86%) assigning no Big Picture paintball importance to the event. That, of course, doesn't mean the event can't or won't have a positive impact on competitive paintball in Asia. Hopefully it will.

This week's Monday Poll is on 7-man as a viable format for the future. The poll is in no way scientific and the future of 7-man probably doesn't rest on the outcome so relax and take a minute to express your opinion. If you happen to choose 'Other' it would be helpful if you also commented on what you have in mind. (No pressure, I'm just saying.) In addition to expending the effort to click an option I've got a secondary poll question that requires a little more thought and effort.
Would a format modification make you more or less likely to play 7-man? And if so, what sort of modification do you have in mind? (Post 'em up in comments.)
In the past there was some consideration given to altering the format to play kinda like Race2-2 does now in the PSP. Fewer opponents, best of 3 outcomes. Are you thinking of something like that or something completely different?


papa chad said...

unlimited semi-auto is like playing paintball in the stone age. could we enforce some rules, people? "walking" isn't a skill.

personally, I'd like to see 7-man xball on 7-man field dimensions, without coaching. someone else knows how many points to race to better than I. same with game clock.

basically, modernize the 7 man format, while remaining a separate, different format at the same time.

Tim Cerruti said...

Im thinking of a Sumbmission 1 v 1 format with 3 1 minute rounds judges award the point if it goes to time.