Monday, June 15, 2009

Poll Review: 7-man

A sincere VFTD thanks to all you slackers who went out of your way and above and beyond the call of duty [insert your own cliche here] and took (on average) 3 seconds to vote in the 7-man poll. You might as well just accept it's now part of your day when you drop by VFTD. Voting, a responsibility & a privilege. You don't think I'd let just any loser participate, do you?

While the results are totally unscientific or even representative of likely participants I can't help but think the result reflects what has become the "conventional wisdom" on this subject which doesn't bode well for the USPL. 41% voted that no change would help as the format is dying. The next three top vote getters equaled 40% combined; cheaper entry, change name back to NPPL and try a format modification. No other choice reached double digits including bigger prizes.

Make of the poll what you will but I'd like to believe there is still a place for the kind of competitive paintball 7-man demands of the player.

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