Monday, June 1, 2009

The Monday Poll & Paintball Stuff

This week's poll is on the upcoming World Games in Taiwan in July and the 16 team invitational paintball event that will serve as a demonstration sport. Rock the vote.

I botched last week's poll. It was written poorly. You see, the whole thing, being an experiment in a "positive" poll, wasn't intended to be positive at all. (Yeah, I was doing the sarcastic thing again.) Having a virtual monopoly means the MS doesn't have to be proactive or responsive to its customers (the league's communications are notoriously limited, self-serving and non-communicative) and, of course, there is no up-to-date rulebook. Locked divisions in the MS are just an excuse to charge teams an extra fee and how many made-for-TV paintball shows do we need? Or, why is this one gonna be any different than all the others? Anyway, let that be a lesson to you. This blogging biz is harder than it looks. (The new poll however is primo.)

Predictions for PSP Chicago. No, not those kind of predictions. After another weekend working the layout I predict a lot of teams are in for a big surprise. I also predict most of y'all will miss a lot (let me repeat–a lot) of opportunities on this layout. (Doesn't mean I like it any better than I did before either.) Finally I predict the refs will not like reffing this field and the snake will prove particularly annoying. (Guess the reason why and win a coveted VFTD e-no prize.)

There are some new links under Paintball on the Web down on the sidebar. Despite all the regular talk about the major leagues, including the USPL, MS & Grand Tour, I didn't have links up for them. Or some of the other bigger leagues. I's gonna rectify that. Soon. Also, there is now a link for which is a paintball site dedicated to collecting active and interesting paintball-related links. (Which was all news to me but it's pretty cool, right?) Anyway, next time you can't find what you're looking for try PBGuide.

Posting soon over at the Big Bullet will be this week's post at Baca's Blog. In keeping with this week's Monday Poll the post is about paintball at the World Games. Check it out. Post a comment. Go crazy.


sdawg said...

I played the Chi 09 field yesterday. Although I am a lowly rec baller who has never played a tournament, it seems to me that the dorito side of the field, especially the 50 dorito, could be stronger than the Snake side.

I'm looking forward to seeing a sneak preview at the Dynasty/X-factor scrimmage in two weeks.

Pelc said...

I'm guessing they won't like reffing the snake because they'll have to be in the feild to see the snake player at certain angles. Requiring them to get shot.. a lot. Where's my imaginary prize?

Baca Loco said...

So close, Pelc, so close. You'd be right if the refs actually intended to do what you suggest but they won't. You are close though.