Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baca's Mailbag

Dear Baca (Most of you aren't really that polite)
I watched some of the college webcast this past weekend which I thought was pretty tight. Do you really think the experienced professional crew working on the webcast made changes because of what you said in your post? Isn't that arrogant?
a fan

Dear fan
That's two questions but since one is short ... the answer is yes. Is it possible they managed to muddle through without me? Hey, anything's possible but did you see (or hear) (or read) anyone else suggesting changes simular to the ones actually made? Or anyone else taking credit for it? I rest my case. Besides, it says on the sidebar that I'm almost always right. Who can argue with that?

Dear Baca
I see the NPPL has decided to class up the joint by having a bikini contest. As a Paintball Insider can you--or Mr. Curious--tell us what other kinds of things are being considered to add some maturity and legitimacy to our sporting events? Bum fights? Midget wrestling?
Drooling in Detroit

Dear Drooling
Good catch. After last year's topless painted chicks in Chicago the bikini contest is a big step up in the soft exploitation and objectification of women--if you buy into the politically correct conventional feminist theory--but as men of the world you and I know babes like being objectified, at least the hot ones do, so much so that the NPPL expects them to pay for the privilege. Should be a good time. And the bum fights are out. Apparently there was some concern with the event overlapping Living Legends again that it might confuse any scenario teams from Kentucky and turn into a free for all brawl.

Dear Baca
I miss the posts on major league paintball. As long as I've been reading your blog you did at least weekly posts on the big leagues. Why did you stop?

Dear Curious
That was then and this is now. The general mood was more pessimistic. Everything seemed to be caught in a downward spiral and so there seemed to be some merit in cataloguing that movement more closely. Today nothing has changed all that much but it seems that competitive paintball is no longer in free fall and may be stabilising and the general community mood also seems to be turning. VFTD keeps an eye on all the big league numbers and will continue discuss both the good and the bad as events and circumstances warrant.

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Mark790.06 said...

Screw MLP updates, how 'bout some "ask the coach" installments.